Payments to hunters #

Each hunter automatically participates in various competitions and prize draws, and also receives daily government subsidy payments. Additional details are provided below.

Great Hunter #

The “Great Hunter” prize is drawn continuously throughout the day among active hunters. While hunting, each hunter, in addition to the forest gifts, has a chance to discover a piece of a secret map. Each type of hunting area has its own map. In addition, for each type of ground a prize fund is created and drawings are held. In this context, for example, fox hunters compete only among themselves to collect pieces of the Oak Forest map.

As soon as 7 pieces of a map of a specific type of ground are collected, the winner receives half of what has been accumulated in the fund for this type of animal. If several clones simultaneously collect 7 pieces of the map, then 50% of the fund is divided between them. After the prize is paid, all players who had pieces of the particular map type are reset to zero, regardless of whether they are currently hunting or not.

Fragments of the map are available for viewing on the “Great Hunter Map” page (“Business” → “Hunting” → “Great Hunter Map”).

Statistics of victories and prize payments for the “Great Hunter” are located on the “Great Hunter” page (“Business” → “Hunting” → “Statistics” → “Great Hunter”).

Accurate shooter #

The “Sharpshooter” bonus is provided by the state and is paid daily to all active hunters.

During a hunt, each time your gun successfully hits a target (for each forest gift received), a “mastery point” will be added to your gun. The more trophies you obtain using a gun in a day, the more “mastery points” will be accumulated. The number of Mastery points affects the amount of the Sharpshooter bonus you will receive. The size of the bonus is proportional to the number of “mastery points”.

The bonus is paid once a day at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) only for those hunters who have at least one “mastery point” on their gun. After receiving the bonus, the “mastery points” on the gun are reset to zero.

It is important to note that to receive the bonus, a hunter must be equipped with the gun. If you remove the gun, the “mastery points” will remain on the gun until you put the gun back on and perform the calculation.