Pleasure boats

Pleasure boats #

Pleasure boats

Pleasure boats are used to send clones on journeys to fabulous shores. On such journeys, clones receive various ingredients that are used in recipes for magic items.

To purchase a ship or go on a trip on the ships of other players, you can go to the “Pleasure Boats” page (“Business” → “Pleasure Boats”).

You have the right to choose any ship on which your clone will go on a cruise to distant shores. The vessel can be selected based on its rating, the size of the prize for the winners of the drawing, the cost of the ticket and other indicators. All this information is presented in the pleasure ships summary table.

Travel on ships #

The ship will set sail as soon as all tickets are sold out.

You will be able to see your ticket in the “Your Tickets” section, which is located at the bottom of the “Travel & Leisure” page.

If the ship does not go on a cruise for a long time, you can always return your ticket. In this case, you will be charged no commissions.

On board the ship, your clone will be able to have a good rest after work, enjoy a beautiful sunset, and feel the gentle sea breeze. In addition, if a drawing is held on this ship, the clone may become the winner of a cash prize.

During each cruise, ship owners have the opportunity to organize cash prize draws for vacationers on board. The size of the prize fund is determined by the owner of the vessel. The minimum fund size is 0.0001 gold (must be entered with a dot). Prize drawings take place automatically after the end of the cruise. The winners of the drawing are determined as follows:

  • 1st place - 50% of the prize fund;
  • 2nd place - 30% of the prize fund;
  • 3rd place - 20% of the prize fund.

Prize gold is deducted from the boat owner’s income from ticket sales.

The distribution of prizes after the completion of the cruise can be seen in the “Winnings” section, as well as in the “Your Trip” section. Ingredients brought from distant lands are also displayed there. Additionally, information about prizes can be found in the clone traveler’s inventory ledger.

You can choose the direction of your cruise. The round trip duration of the cruise to exotic lands is 24 hours, starting from the moment the last ship ticket is sold.

Table. Gifts from cruises

Cruise destinationIngredientElixirFairytale character
Rocky Shore IslandPhilosopher’s StoneElixir of WisdomDrumming Head
Wolverine’s Lair CliffRoot of YouthElixir of LifeBaba Yaga
Gorge of Wonderful GardensOlive branchElixir of FortressCreaking Snag
Fragrant Meadows IslandExotic spiceElixir of HappinessGhoul
Singing Rainbow WaterfallsFlower of LifeElixir of UnfadingKoschey

When your clones travel on your ship to distant shores, they will bring back flowers or roots with them. The number of flowers or roots brought may be one or two, depending on luck.

During the journey to distant shores, the clones on board the ship are in a state of rest and do not perform work at state-owned or private enterprises. During this period, they are not paid wages, work tools are not consumed, and no reprimands are issued. Clones working at state-owned enterprises do not quit, but also do not perform work.

If a clone who goes on a long-distance cruise works for a private enterprise, then during the cruise he does not produce products. This may lead to job cuts under private enterprise regulations and some workers may be fired. At the same time, travel does not affect other activities of the clone.

Buy a pleasure boat #

If you have a clone with bourgeois status or higher, you can purchase a pleasure boat or even several boats. Each pleasure boat has a certain service life. It is measured by the number of voyages a ship can make. This parameter is called “strength”.

Residents of the land of clones who want to relax and cruise to distant shores in search of magical ingredients can choose your ship for this adventure. You, as the ship owner, will profit from the sale of cruise tickets. You will also have the opportunity to send your own clones on the cruise for a minimum ticket price of 0.1 gold coin.

Clone Land Shipyard produces three types of pleasure boats with varying capacity and strength.

Table. Types of pleasure boats

Vessel typeStrengthCapacity
Promenade boat20010
Pleasure boat20050
Cruise ship300100

Table. Conditions for purchasing a pleasure boat

Costs / Vessel typePromenade boatPleasure boatCruise ship
Social statusBourgeoisMerchantMerchant

Please note that when purchasing a vessel prudence points are spent.

Equipment for a cruise #

You can choose one of several sailing directions to send the ship on a journey to distant shores. To select a destination and change cruise settings, click the Edit button.

To carry out the voyage, it is necessary to equip the ship with provisions.

Table. Required amount of provisions (in stamina units) for sailing, depending on the vessel type

Vessel typeStamina, units
Promenade boat3300
Pleasure boat14,890
Cruise ship29,775

Though the ship owner can choose any ratio of food products for loading. The owner, at his discretion, can load more food than required (the maximum is not limited), the clones will gratefully eat it during the trip. Please note that while traveling, clones do not gain stamina from eating on board the ship. Provisions are not refundable at the end of the cruise.

When equipping a vessel, it is necessary to assign a ticket price. You set the price for tickets yourself, but it cannot be less than 0.1 gold coin.

You can also set the size of the cash pool for prize drawings among passengers, which is carried out automatically after the end of the cruise. This is an optional feature.

The total prize fund cannot exceed 70% of the total ticket fee and will be paid from the vessel owner’s profits from ticket sales.

Ticket selling #

You decide for yourself who to sell tickets to - only to your own clones or to everyone. First you need to start selling to your clones only. Send your clones on a cruise or start selling tickets to everyone at once. In any case, the sale will be carried out at the price that you set during the process of outfitting the vessel. You cannot set different prices for your own and other players’ clones.

Voyage #

Every time you send a ship on a cruise, you increase your ship’s rating. The rating is equal to the amount of fees for tickets sold. The rating affects the place in the general list of pleasure boats: the higher the rating, the higher the line the vessel occupies in the list. If the rating is the same, preference is given to the vessel with a larger prize.

The cruise to distant lands begins from the moment the last ticket is sold and lasts 24 hours.

During long voyages, clones on board the ship cannot work at government or private enterprises. They are not paid wages, work tools and stamina are not used up, and reprimands are not given. If a clone who goes on a long-distance cruise works for a private enterprise, then during the cruise he does not produce products. At the same time, job cuts occur, according to the rules of private enterprises.

Once your cruise is complete, your ship returns to the pier and is ready to set sail again. It needs to be re-equipped.

Cancelling ticket sales #

You can cancel the sale of tickets, even if some of them have already been sold to vacationers (including your own clones). In this case, you will only have to refund the cost of the tickets sold. In addition, your ship will be blocked from departure for 24 hours until the next voyage is agreed upon with the port administration.

If ticket sales are stopped, you will only be able to change the ticket price and/or prize amount. The cruise cannot be canceled completely. The vessel will remain fully equipped for navigation in the previously chosen direction, preserving the spent products.

You cannot cancel a sale if all tickets are sold.

Ticket Fee Distribution #

Gold received for tickets sold are accumulated and paid at the end of the cruise:

  • 70% - to the vessel’s owner;
  • 1% - for charity;
  • 1% - to the treasury of the land of clones;
  • 5% - to the Port workers’ bonus fund;
  • 23% goes to the fund for developing the technical base of the project.