Way of a Bandit

Way of a Bandit #

Path of crime

In the world of thieves, Old Rat is in charge. Here are the instructions he gives to his charges: “I am the Old Rat. Welcome to the slippery criminal path! Remember: the cheapest thing in the world is the opinion of others about you.”

Do you like the sound of coins and adrenaline? You are in good hands, here you will always get help with tips for robbing a wealthy house.

If you put together your own gang, you will get tip-offs on estates, villages, cities and megacities. To join a gang or a bandit army, have at least 500 criminal authority points. Princes, mayors, military men, security guards - the road to the criminal world is closed to you.

Also, clones who work in gold mines in settlements cannot engage in robbery.

You can take bladed weapons and/or firearms with you. You can buy any weapon at the gun shop, at the imported weapons auction, or at the arms exchange. If you don’t even have a bladed weapon, you will hit with your fists, causing an accurate strike to cause 5 to 10 damage to the enemy. Units of “military knowledge” are not awarded for such strikes. In raids on real estate and settlements, only bladed weapons and firearms are used. All of these types are used in attacks by bandit troops. In addition, different types of cartridges and shells are needed.

Table. Weapons of the criminal world

Weapon typeMinimum statusUse in real estate raidsUse in raids on settlementsUse in the bandit army
FirearmsCraftsmanYes, salt cartridges are requiredYes, salt cartridges are requiredYes, salt cartridges are required
ArtilleryPeasantNoNoYes, it requires cannonballs
Battle fleetBourgeoisNoYes, it requires cannonballsYes, it requires cannonballs

You can have an unlimited number of weapons in your inventory or storage, but you can only equip one type of firearm and bladed weapon at a time. In this case, an artillery piece or a warship is considered equivalent to a firearm. Firearms (if there are cartridges and shells) have priority over cold weapons - they will be used first.

You can find detailed information about robberies in this section.

Lone thief #

A clone can get into a criminal path by committing robberies alone.

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Thieves gang #

Clones participating in robberies can form gangs and rob not only houses, but also large settlements.

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Bandit army #

To participate in great battles against invaders, you can create an entire bandit army.

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Summary of raids #

Battles involving robber clones can be seen in special statistics.

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