Bandit army

Bandit army #

Bandit army

Upon reaching a criminal authority of 70,000 units and having a status of at least bourgeois, a special privileged status becomes available to the clone. You can gather your own bandit army to make organized forays behind the rear of our common enemy - General Webman.

You can create your own bandit army or join an existing army by going to the “Bandit Troops” page (“Business” → “Bandit’s way” → “Bandit Troops”). It will give you the opportunity to act in a large group of bandits, participate in special operations and attacks against General Webman.

This status provides you with more serious and complex tasks. Bandit army members can contribute to the fight against General Webman and his troops.

Gathering troops #

Depending on your social status and criminal authority, you can command different units in the bandit forces. The higher your criminal authority and social status, the more bandits you can recruit into your squad. This will allow you to conduct larger and more coordinated attacks, more effectively confront the enemy and quickly manage your bandit units in operations against General Webman.

Table. Criminal authority, maximum squad size and maximum number of ships

Criminal authorityMinimum statusArmy sizeNumber of ships
70,000Bourgeois1255 (except linear)
80,000Bourgeois25010 (except linear)
90,000Bourgeois40030 (except linear)

To form the composition of the bandit army, you have two options. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your goals, management style and strategy in the game. You can choose the approach that best suits your preferences and strategy:

Manual candidates selection #

You have the opportunity to independently review applications from those wishing to join the bandit army and approve them based on your criteria. This method allows you to control the quality and composition of the army, selecting only the best candidates.

Automatic recruitment #

You can also set up a system for automatically accepting everyone into the bandit army, minimizing the time spent on manual selection. However, this may lead to a more diverse and less controlled troop composition.

Rules for joining the army #

If a clone’s criminal authority is below 500, then at the moment he is not able to join the bandit army. Instead, you should first develop your stealing skills to improve your status in the world of criminals.

Advice. Use jewelry to temporarily increase your crimiminal authority level and become a more attractive candidate for joining the bandits army.

If you decide to join a bandit army, keep in mind that you should obey that army’s commander. During this time, you will not be able to raid alone or join other gangs. Be ready to follow the commander’s instructions and work as part of the bandit army.

When you decide to leave the bandit army, remember that the ability to raid alone or join other groups will reappear 24 hours after leaving the army.

You can be expelled from the army by decision of the commander, and you will be notified about this through the game mail.

The time to attack the enemy is decided by the leader of the bandit army, and you do not have to be online at that moment. Criminal news about the actions of your troops will come in the form of notifications via in-game mail.

To attack an enemy, a clone will need to have his own weapon, health elixirs, live ammunition and cannonballs. Well-trained bandits are needed here. If you use firearms, then you won’t need salt charges - the battles here are serious.

Clones serving in the bandit army receive the following characteristics daily:

  • +2 initiative;
  • +10 criminal authority;
  • +5 military skills.

Enemy squads #

A list of enemy squads showing the cost per health points hit out is available in the special section. In this section you can find information about attacks by bandit troops.

Each bandit army can make not more than one attack per day.

Webman’s army has the opportunity to strike a bandit squad. In this case, the bandit army is considered to have made one attack on that day (it cannot make additional attacks subsequently). Even if the bandit army has already carried out an attack on its own during the day, an attack from Webman is still possible.

To participate in battle, each clone from the bandit army spends 1 unit of stamina. If there is not enough stamina (less than 0), the clone cannot participate in the battle. Also, participation in battle is impossible if the clone’s health is less than 10 units and is not restored automatically.

Weapon durability is written off according to standard rules.

It should be noted that the bandit army does not have the opportunity to attack an enemy unit if the army commander has health less than 10 units.

During active hostilities, when a clone is participating in a bandit army, it will receive additional characteristics:

Military skills:

  • for an accurate hit: +6 points;
  • for an inaccurate hit: +2 points;

Military initiative:

  • for a lost battle: +3 units;
  • for a victory: +6 units;

Additional bonus for kvass:

  • The size of the bonus depends on the weapon used. More details

The bandit army can be deceived by Webman and attack the enemy’s dummies. Before the army realizes about the deception, it will fire one salvo at the enemy’s dummies. The army will be considered a loser in this battle, so it cannot collect spent ammunition from the battlefield according to the general rules. All members of the army who accurately hit the target will be awarded knowledge of military affairs and military initiative in accordance with the general rules.

It is additionally noted that the leader of the bandit army and his fighters can recognize the enemy’s trick with a 60% probability.

Division of spoils #

Regardless of the battle result, all its participants in the bandit army will be paid a salary in gold coins. This salary will depend on the amount of health that was knocked out from the enemy. The cost of one health unit is assigned and announced before the start of the battle.

In addition, the leader of the bandit army receives an additional 10% of the total loot received by his squad during the battle.

It is also important to note that live cartridges and cannonballs that are used during battle contain both iron and gold.

After the battle, the victorious side collects from the battlefield the ammunition that was spent in battle, in the form of gold and iron. In this case, the deduction is 25%. The winner also collects ammunition from the battlefield that was spent by the losing side. In this case, the deduction is also 25% for both iron and gold. The received iron and gold are then distributed among the fighters in proportion to the amount of enemy health knocked out.

Characteristic “Additional bonus for kvass” #

By participating in battles as part of a bandit army, your clone will earn “Additional bonus for kvass”. This characteristic can be used to exchange military knowledge using the drink “kvass”. When a clone drinks a bottle of kvass in the refectory, 33 units of the “Additional bonus for kvass” stat are automatically exchanged for 33 units of military skills.

This bonus will be equal to triple (x3) the base value. For example, if a clone armed with a battleship has a base value of 33, then a clone using a battleship will receive 99 units of the “Additional bonus for kvass “.