Thieves gang

Thieves gang #

Thieves gang

If a clone’s crime authority has reached or exceeded 3000, he is now held in high esteem and is able to form his own gang. Only gangs have the right to raid settlements. Settlements often hold a large amount of treasury, so don’t miss the opportunity to get extra money.

Gang gathering #

Usually a gang consists of several robbers. For every thousand crime authority points, you can add one additional bandit to your gang. If you have, for example, 3000 authority, then there can be a maximum of three bandits in the gang (counting you, the leader). In general, the maximum number of bandits in a gang is 50 people.

When criminal authority drops below 3000, for example when removing jewelry, the gang does not automatically disband. However, you will not be able to raid settlements until your authority raises above this level.

Rules for joining a gang #

If the crime authority of a clone drops below 500 units, then he will not be accepted into a gang. First of all, raise your authority by thieves’ affairs, and then come back.

Tip: You can use jewelry to temporarily increase your authority level.

Once you become a member of a gang, you will have to strictly follow the instructions of the leader and you will not be able to carry out solo robberies of houses as before.

The clone will be able to leave the gang at any time, but joining another gang or committing robberies alone again is possible only 24 hours after leaving.

Be careful: you may be kicked out of the gang, which you will learn about via in-game mail.

The decision about when to take action is made by the gang leader. You don’t have to be online at this moment. Information about the criminal activities of your gang will come in the form of alerts via in-game mail.

To carry out attacks you will need your health elixirs, weapons and salt cartridges.

Tip #

You will find information about leads on wealthy settlements in a special section.

For every 1000 criminal authority units, you will receive an additional tip, but no more than 10.

Every hour you can receive new leads if the old ones have already lost their relevance. Use them to carry out raids. Have time to carry out the robbery, otherwise someone else may be more efficient!

You can also force the tip list to refresh an unlimited number of times using stamina coupons. The best tips are those with the most significant potential prize. Each settlement, be it an estate, village, city or metropolis, can be attacked no more than three times a day.

Table. The criminal authority of the leader and the daily limit of gang attacks

Crime boss, units.Robberies per day
from 3,0001
from 10,0002
from 25,0003

Gang attacks #

When attacking, the gang leader must have 50% of the expected prize in gold coins. This allows the leader to “pledge” funds in case the operation is not a success and use them for ransom if the operation fails.

Table. Sizes of gangs and guard squads depending on the type of settlement

Settlement levelGuards maximumMaximum bandits

If the bandits in the gang have health less than 10 units, and they did not restore it before the battle, then these bandits will not participate in the battle. Bandits whose stamina is below 0 also do not participate in the battle.

If the gang leader’s health is less than 10 units or he has negative stamina, then an attack cannot be carried out, since the leader must be in good physical condition to successfully lead the operation.

The battle #

During an attack on a settlement, a fight occurs between your gang and the squad guarding the settlement.

The battle is conducted in accordance with the general rules of attack, but with some specific features:

  • the battle participants carry out attacks in turn in descending order of their military initiative indicators, without taking into account the side (bandits or guards);
  • shots or blows are inflicted on randomly selected enemies (unless there are combat skills that determine a different choice of target);
  • if a clone fires several shots in a row (for example, from a three-barreled weapon), then each shot is considered separate and is inflicted on randomly selected enemies;
  • the battle ends when there are no participants left on one side with health of 10 units or higher;
  • It is important to note that there are no basements in the settlements, so all fighters remain in combat condition and are not taken prisoner.

Distribution of crime authority and jackpot #

Table. The total number of crime authority points for all gang members for robbing various types of settlements

Type of settlementCrime boss, units.

Of this total, 20% of the authority points goes to the gang leader, and the remaining 80% is divided among all gang members (including the leader) in proportion to the level of the criminal authority.

In case of a successful robbery, the gang leader makes the following distribution of the jackpot:

  • 10% to the Old Rat fund. This part of the jackpot goes to a fund that is used to support the gangster organization and other purposes;
  • 20% as your share. The gang leader receives 20% of the jackpot as his share. This is his reward for organizing and directing the robbery;
  • 70% for gang members.

The remaining 70% of the prize is divided among all gang members (including the leader) in proportion to their criminal authority. That is, those who have more criminal authority will receive a larger share of the jackpot. Each bandit is also required to send 10% of his share of the prize to the Old Rat fund. Each bandit hides another 10% of the winnings in his hiding place. These funds are used, respectively, to maintain the gangster organization and pay ransoms from the basements. The remaining 80% of the jackpot (immediately after deducting the named shares) goes to the bandit’s game account. Thus, the distribution of the jackpot in the gang is subject to strict rules and depends on the criminal authority of each participant.