Game character

Game character #

Do you like the idea of virtual doubles that obey you and earn gold?

You can upgrade a variety of their characteristics, employ them in various enterprises, instruct them to raise livestock and much more. Every day they consume food, go to work and perform other tasks that the player sets for them.

You will learn in detail about the life and upgrading your clones in this section.

Creating a clone #

If you don’t have any clones of tramp status on your account, you can create a new clone to train it to a higher status.

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Social statuses #

Social statuses

There are 8 game statuses in the world of clones. The higher the clone’s status, the more new features it receives.

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Public School #

Public School

At the public school you can learn various sciences that are needed to obtain social status up to the status of “bourgeois”.

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Characteristics of clones #

Depending on the direction of development of your clones, you can upgrade their various game characteristics.

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Military career #

Military career

Combat tournaments, security, robberies, searches for hiding places, wars - this is not a complete list of what opens up for clones who begin to engage in military affairs and pump up military characteristics.

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Clothes for characters #

Clothes for characters

You can dress your clones in casual, protective and other clothing, depending on the tasks they perform.

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Inventory #


Inventory is a place where a particular clone’s items and resources are stored.

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Special education #

In addition to the general education received at the public school, a clone can receive special education in certain disciplines, which will be required for employment in certain positions, getting special combat skills, etc.

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Abandoning a character #

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote: “We are responsible for those we have tamed.” The characters you create cannot be deleted - they are almost alive!

However, if for some reason you no longer need this or that clone, then any clone with the status of “artisan” and above can be transferred to the state for maintenance.

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