Refusal of clone

Refusal of clone #

Refusal of clone

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote: “We are responsible for those we have tamed.” The characters you create cannot be deleted - they are almost alive!

However, if for some reason you no longer need this or that clone, then any clone with the status of “artisan” and above can be transferred to the state for maintenance.

If the player does not want or cannot maintain a clone, the clone must be prepared and transferred to the state. The clone must be well fed (stamina should not be below 0) and dressed in special clothing: the exile’s cloak. The transfer of a clone to the state is free of charge and irreversible.

The exile’s cloak is sold at the fair; you can also make it yourself in the workshop of your settlement or principality. This clothing is equally suitable for clones of all statuses except tramps. The Exile’s Cloak cannot be worn at the same time as the clone’s casual clothing.

Conditions for rejecting a clone:

  • the clone has the status of an artisan or higher;
  • the clone’s stamina indicator is not lower than 0;
  • the clone is not the main or the only one on the account (a tramp is not taken into account);
  • the clone is wearing clothes: an exile’s cloak;
  • the clone must not be employed on the fields and must not own the house in which the fields are being cultivated.
  • the clone must not train in the arena or be a member of any combat group, be in the cellar or at a tournament;
  • the clone should be fired from the enterprise;
  • the clone’s inventory must be empty, all equipped items must be removed;
  • automatic actions with the clone (automatic exchange of experience, consumption of elixirs, kvass, etc.) must be disabled;
  • the clone does not have any animals, poultry or buildings to keep them;
  • there should be no bids, trading orders or lots created by this clone on trading platforms;
  • the clone must not be on a cruise and must not own a vessel on a cruise;
  • the clone should not be hunting;
  • the clone must not be chosen as the mentor’s representative;
  • all houses, settlements, principalities, architectural wonders belonging to the clone must be repaired;
  • the clone should not work in the gold mine in a settlement;
  • if a clone is the owner of a settlement, then there should be no working clones in the gold mines in that settlement.

Some of these requirements can be fulfilled automatically when the refusal is confirmed (for example, transferring things from inventory to storage, if available, leaving the gang).