Clone characteristics

Clone characteristics #

In this section you will find information about the characteristics of clones, their influence and ways to improve them.

Experience #

Experience is one of the most basic characteristics of a clone. It is acquired when working at public and private enterprises. Experience itself influences the evaluation of a clone. Experience can also be exchanged for most other characteristics and special knowledge, except for those that have special conditions for acquisition and upgrade.

Combat characteristics #

Land of the Clones is foremost an economic simulator. Nevertheless, the army, crime and the fight against it affect the real economy, so they also found an important place in our virtual world. A military career is one of the development paths for a clone. Combat stats are very important because they allow your clones to engage in a lot of exciting battles.

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Service in the squad #

While serving in the princely squads, your clones daily improve their combat characteristics.

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Training in the arena #

Clones who serve in the squad also have access to training in the princely arena. This is one of the fastest ways to improve your military knowledge!

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Kvass #

This wonderful drink will help your clones improve their combat characteristics.

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Intention #

Intent is a stat that affects most special knowledge and combat stats.

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Discretion #

This characteristic opens up access to various possibilities. A clone’s presence of judgment points, for example, is a prerequisite for creating a settlement.

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Rigging practice #

Leveling up this clone characteristic improves your warship control skills.

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Teaching characteristics #

With enough judgment and rigging practice, a clone can become a University teacher himself to teach other clones these characteristics.

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Sharing characteristics #

As you earn game experience or sagacity, you can exchange them for various specialized knowledge needed to work in government enterprises.

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Stamina #


This is a very important game parameter that affects the life of the clones and is necessary in many aspects of the game.

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