Training at the arena

Training at the arena #

Training at the arena

Access to training can be obtained on the “Training Arena” page (“Character” → “Rent” → “Training Arena”).

The training arena allows to train combatants to increase their military skills. Clones of the princely squad who have paid for daily training are allowed into the Training Arena. Payment for training is made for the desired number of days at the price set by the prince, and is transferred to the prince daily. If a clone is dismissed from the squad, gold coins for training paid for but not used by him will be returned.

This is the place where a clone, through constant training, has a chance to become a true military professional.

The training arena includes areas for both field and maritime exercises. Thus, here you can practice both on artillery guns and on warships. Remember that an artillery gun can be commanded by a clone with the status of “peasant” and above, and a warship can be commanded by a clone with a minimum status of “bourgeois”.

The training arena has several levels of development. The higher the level, the more points of the “Additional bonus for kvass” characteristic the clone earns for one training session, in addition to his military skills. Also, the number of bottles of the drink “kvass” that a clone can drink during training depends on the Arena level.

Consumption of kvass during training allows you to develop military skills or military initiative with greater efficiency.

Do not forget that the amount of a clone’s own military knowledge (basic knowledge) is limited and equal to 1,000,000 units.

During each training session, the clone spends 1 unit of stamina. A fighter must have with him in the “Equipped Items” section the weapon, artillery piece or warship which he intends to undergo training with. Depending on the weapon type, the clone will receive this or that amount of military skills. The prince provides the fighters with ammunition by paying the gunsmith the amount of 0.02 gold coins per day for each training fighter. The gunsmith himself keeps track of the required amount of ammunition for daily exercises. For this reason, the minimum training cost that a prince can assign is 0.02 gold coins. The maximum value is limited to 0.1 gold coins.

During training, fighters’ weapons wear out (lose strength points). If a firearm is so worn out that it is not sufficient for the current training session, the clone will undergo training with cold steel (if equipped) or melee training (if no weapons are on). In case of lack of stamina, the clone will not be able to participate in the paid training, and money paid for the missed training will not be refunded. If during a clone’s training a battle begins with the participation of his squad, the clone will be able to participate in the battle.

Attention! An artillery gun can be commanded by a clone with the status of “peasant” and above, and a warship can be commanded by a clone with the status of “bourgeois”. These two types of weapons are used only during training in the arena and in combats where princely squads, bandit troops and cache robbers participate. They are not suitable for tournaments, guarding or robberies. You can only equip one type of firearm and bladed weapon at a time. If both types of weapons are equipped, the clone will train with firearms. An artillery gun or a warship are considered as firearms.

Table. Daily military skills increasing and weapon wear-out during training at the princely arena

WeaponWeapon wear-outMilitary skills, units.
Brass knucklesBrass knuckles208
Double-barreled rifleDouble-barreled rifle150160
three-barreled rifleThree-barreled rifle200180
Sniper rifleSniper rifle80240
Light machine gun AB 0614Light machine gun AB 0614200220
Regimental gunRegimental gun120220
Unicorn (extended howitzer)Unicorn (extended howitzer)110240
Linear shipLinear ship150560
BrigBrig with rigging kit100360
CorvetteCorvette with rigging kit120440
Linear shipLinear ship with rigging set150600