Exchanging characteristics

Exchanging characteristics #

Exchanging characteristics

On the “Characteristics Exchange” page “Character” → “Education” → “Characteristics Exchange” you can:

  • make a two-way exchange of the characteristics “Experience”, “Prudence” and “Charisma” at established rates;
  • exchange the characteristics “Experience”, “Prudence” and “Charisma” for special skills that are necessary to work in state-owned enterprises.

Attention! The exchange of experience, charisma and prudence for skills is instant and irreversible.

You can set up an automatic exchange of the “Experience” characteristic for the special knowledge you need. To do this, first select the required skills from the list above, and then check the box. You can automatically exchange either all the experience acquired by a clone, or only the experience acquired at a specific enterprise.

Here you can set the amount of the minimum experience balance if, for example, one of the enterprises where the clone works has a requirement for a minimum number of experience units.

Refusal of knowledge #

If you wish, you may discard any knowledge acquired. If special knowledge is abandoned, it simply disappears. You can only forget knowledge from any category completely. For example, if you have 100 forestry knowledge, then you cannot forget only 10. The process of giving up knowledge is free and irreversible!