Prudence #


Prudence is an important gaming characteristic that may be needed in various gaming situations.

Having a certain number of “Prudence” points is necessary for:

  • settlement construction;
  • setting up a principality;
  • increasing a settlement development level;
  • employment at some state enterprises;
  • receiving special education;
  • teaching prudence at the University;
  • purchasing pleasure boats.

Prudence Training #

On the “Characteristics Development” page (“Character” → “Education” → “Characteristics Development”), the list of teachers indicates the number of free academic hours and the cost of 1 academic hour. If you buy 1 academic hour, the clone’s characteristic will increase by +1. The clone’s indicators change immediately after paying for training.

A clone with Stamina characteristic less than 0 (a hungry clone) cannot be trained by teachers.

You can exchange points of characteristics such as experience or charisma for prudence on the “Characteristics Exchange” page (“Character” → “Education” → “Characteristics Exchange”).

Also, clones visiting the Great Warrior Complex receive 1 point of Prudence.