Intention #


Intention is one of the forces that exists in the Universe. When you are clear and distinct about what you want to achieve, the power of intention opens the way to achieving your goal. And this means that you will receive everything that you sincerely desire.

In our game, “Intention” is one of the most important characteristics that should be developed. This characteristic affects the level of all clone’s special skills - it increases their value by the number of units of intention (it does not affect only such characteristics as “Rigging Practice”, “Trader Authority”, “Criminal Authority”, as well as “Luck” for hunters). At the same time, “Intention” can increase the basic value of special skills by no more than twice.

To receive military rank before the appointed time, a clone must have basic skills. Skils added by “Intention” cannot be used.

A clone can improve his intention in two ways: at the refectory for stamina and at the university for gold coins. You can train intention in both ways at once. To quickly learn “Intention” without living in a house, attend individual classes at the university in the “Development of Characteristics” section (“Education” → “Development of Characteristics”).

Attention! If a clone does not have a place of residence, then the value of its “Intention” characteristic will decrease by 1 unit daily, but not below 0.

Training in the refectory #

To train “Intentoin” in the refectory, the character must live in his own or rented house, and spend an additional amount of stamina. You can train a maximum of 5 units of intention per day in the refectory.

Table. Cost of training 1 unit of intention in the refectory

House levelStamina, units

Castles have one magical property: if the castle in which the clone lives has the most developed social policy, then training 1 unit of intention will require only 3 units of stamina.

You can set the number of intention units the clone will automatically receive at the beginning of each day.

Training at the University #

The cost of obtaining 1 unit of intention at the University is 0.03 gold coins.

State income from training in intention is paid:

  • 10% – to the treasury of the owners of settlements at the “Megapolis” level (paid in proportion to the megapolis level of development);
  • 5% - to the closed treasury of the principalities (paid in proportion to the development level);
  • 10% – to principalities, paid in proportion to the development level;
  • 15% - to the Imperial House Fund;
  • 15% to the Oil Age Fund;
  • 10% - to house owners (to the house treasury, paid in proportion to the house development level);
  • 10% - to the bonus fund of the main production enterprises: sawmill, quarry, flour mill, iron mine and transport company.

You can set a value for the number of intention units that the clone will automatically receive daily. This way you can receive no more than 5 units of intention per day at the university.

If this quantity is not enough for you, you want a lot at once, you can buy additional intention here in unlimited quantities at the price of 1.5 gold coins per 1

Other sources of Intention #

Your clones can also receive intention when wearing casual clothing if it matches their social status.

Clones who own a Village level settlement or higher receive 1 Intention per day when visiting the Great Warrior Complex.

If your clone owns a settlement of the City level or higher, he can receive 1 unit of intent per day by visiting the Baths.

An example of how the “Intention” characteristic works #

The clone has 100 Forestry skills, 600 Mining skills (of which 500 Basic skills and +100 added by a Magic Artifact), 2000 Military skills (of which 1000 Basic skills and +1000 added by a Magic Item), and 150 Merchant Authority.

Let’s assume that the clone wears clothes appropriate to his status, buys 5 units both at the refectory and at the University, and also owns his own village. At the beginning of the game day, the value of his intention increased by 12 units.

There will be an immediate adjustment to the amount of special skills. The clone will have: 100+12=112 forestry skills, 600+12=612 mining skills, 2000+12=2012 military skills and will have 150 merchant authority left (the value has not changed, because “Intention” does not affect this characteristic).

Let’s assume that the same clone’s Intention has increased to 900 units. The values of the clone’s characteristics will change accordingly: 200 forestry skills (the characteristic indicator cannot increase more than 2 times), 1100 mining skills (the characteristic indicator cannot increase more than 2 times from the basic value), 2900 military skills (1000+1000 +900) and 150 units of the merchant authority (has not changed).

Adjustment of special skills to the amount of acquired “Intention” occurs before the scheduled time at state enterprises. If the amount of salary bonuses or the possibility of promotion depends on the amount of special skills, then for these purposes the already increased value will be taken into account.

You can control the acquisition of “Intention” units and its effect on other characteristics in the “Characteristics Journal” menu (“Character” → “Characteristics Journal”).