Consumption of kvass

Consumption of kvass #

Consumption of kvass

Kvass is a traditional Slavic sour drink prepared on the basis of fermentation from bread with malt or from dry rye bread. It perfectly quenches thirst and tones. Kvass is produced by princes and the owners of the settlements in which the enterprise, the kvass brewery, is built. Kvass can also be bought at the fair.

Basic properties of kvass #

With each bottle of kvass consumed, the clone increases one of the characteristics (your choice):

  • military skills (+10 points);
  • military initiative (+2 points).

In addition, each bottle of kvass may (or may not) add one more unit of any special skill (except “criminal authority” and “thief luck”). Special skill is selected randomly. The special skills obtained in this way remains with the clone forever.

You can drink kvass after each fight in the Refectory in the amount of 1 to 3 bottles. You can set up automatic consumption of kvass. In this case, the clone will drink kvass after the end of each battle, including when participating in tournaments.

Additionally, kvass can be consumed during training in the Training Arena (if the clone serves in the princely squad). In this case, you can drink up to 5 bottles of kvass per training session, depending on the arena development level. This option is available on the training page.

Kvass must be in the clone’s inventory or storage to be consumed.

Don’t forget that a clone’s own military skills (basic skills) is limited.

Additional properties of kvass #

A clone can drink kvass to convert points of Additional bonus for kvass into military skills.

“Additional bonus for kvass” can be earned in the following ways:

  • training at the battle arena of the principality;
  • participating in battles as part of the princely squad;
  • participating in battles as part of a bandit army.

If a clone has “Additional bonus for kvass” points, then each bottle of kvass drunk will add 33 points of military skills.

Additional bonus for kvass #

By participating in hostilities, your character can earn an additional bonus for kvass.

Table. Basic bonus increase for kvass

Brass knucklesBrass knuckles+1
Double-barreled rifleDouble-barreled rifle+12
three-barreled riflethree-barreled rifle+14
Sniper rifleSniper rifle+15
Light machine gun AB 0614Light machine gun AB 0614+15
Regimental gunRegimental gun+18
Unicorn (extended howitzer)Unicorn+20
Linear shipLinear ship+33

An example of calculating the amount of characteristic that a clone will receive #

Training fight in the arena:

The number of “Additional bonus for kvass” points received for each training battle depends on the training arena level:

\(B = Vb * L\)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(Vb\)basic value
\(L\)arena level

For example, if a clone armed with a linear ship fought a training battle at a level 5 arena, he will receive: 33 x 5 = 165 bonus points.

33 x 5 = 165

Fight as part of the princely squad:

For each battle as part of a squad, a clone will receive “Additional bonus for kvass” points, the number of which is equal to three times the basic value.

That is, a clone armed with a linear ship will receive: 33 x 3 = 99 bonus points.