Rigging practice

Rigging practice #

Rigging practice

The rigging practice characteristic opens up the following opportunities for the clone:

  • control of warships with a set of rigging (with 100 points of characteristics);
  • rigging can be created in a rigging workshop;
  • teaching rigging practice (with 100 units of this characteristic);
  • receiving payments from the captains fund (if you have 100 points of the characteristic).

Passing rigging practice #

On the “Rigging Practice” page (“Characteristic Development” → “Rigging Practice”) you can see a list of all teachers who teach this characteristic. You can choose a teacher and buy the required number of “academic hours” from him. The cost of 1 academic hour is set by teachers. This is often lower than the government rate for individual tuition, which is 1 gold coin per hour.

The list of teachers indicates the number of available academic hours and the cost of 1 academic hour. If you buy 1 academic hour, the clone’s characteristics will increase by 1. The clone’s indicators change immediately after paying for training.

A clone with Stamina characteristic less than 0 (a hungry clone) cannot undergo training.