Service in a squad

Service in a squad #

Service in a squad

Every prince needs a strong army to protect his possessions. Clones, starting with the status of a craftsman, can join the service in the princely squad. Applications are submitted in the “Princely Squad” section (“Work” → “Security” → “Princely Squad”).

When conducting military operations against our common enemy, General Webman, the prince leads his squad into battle. Strikes inflicted on the enemy and shots fired improve military characteristics. If the squad wins, then its participants also receive a bonus for knocking out enemy health points. Princes often set requirements for warriors, for example, the level of military skills or type of weapons.

All clones serving in the squad are assigned characteristics daily, depending on their military ranks.

Table. Accrual of military initiative points for service in a squad

RankMilitary initiative, points/day
No rank+1
from second lieutenant/non-commissioned lieutenant to staff captain/captain-lieutenant+2
from captain/3rd rank captain to lieutenant colonel/2nd rank captain)+3
colonel/1st rank captain+4
Major General/Rear Admiral+5
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral+6
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet+10

Characteristics are awarded if, at the time of calculations, the clone has served in the squad for at least 24 hours.

If the the principality there are unrepaired barracks and there are more fighters than the usual limit (without taking into account additional places from the barracks), then randomly selected “extra” fighters will not receive daily stats.

Additionally, warriors can train their combat characteristics in the Training Arena built by the prince.