Stamina #


Stamina is one of the most important characteristics of a clone. Stamina units measure the amount of energy a clone expends to perform various tasks.

After receiving the “craftsman” status, the clone becomes a full-fledged resident of the land of clones. The character will need daily food, even if he is not working. Daily energy consumption is 1 unit of stamina. Clones younger than 365 days, thanks to the bonus for beginners, do not consume the daily stamina allowance.

The clone receives one bonus unit of stamina upon receiving the status of a craftsman, and then must take care of himself.

Stamina consumption #

Each clone with the social status of “craftsman” and above spends one stamina consumption rate daily. This is required for active participation in social and work life. Tramps do not require stamina.

The clone will consume this stamina even if it is not working in any businesses or engaged in any activities. The normal value of the “stamina” characteristic for a clone is 0 units or higher. If you do not replenish stamina, this indicator will drop below 0.

Remember, a hungry clone (with stamina below 0) cannot concentrate on business and is therefore completely limited in its actions. Such a clone is only allowed to buy gold coins at the Currency Exchange, and food products on the Commodity Exchange. Thus, a hungry clone can only perform actions that are aimed at restoring stamina. A hungry clone (as well as other clones from the same account, even if their stamina is above 0) are not allowed to make any other transactions. All temporarily blocked functions are activated immediately after functionality is restored.

All operations for consuming or adding stamina to a clone with a detailed description can be found in the characteristics log.

The value of the clone’s “Stamina” characteristic can be negative, it can be positive, or it can be equal to 0. If you do not replenish stamina, then due to the mandatory daily consumption of 1 consumption unit, the clone’s stamina indicator will drop below 0.

Don’t forget to go to the refectory (clone dining room) and serve food to the clones’ table. The food you select and serve will be converted into energy units (stamina). At the scheduled time, the clones will automatically eat the required amount.

If you need to immediately restore the clones’ stamina, without waiting for scheduled time, there is a corresponding function in the refectory.

You can increase the stamina of a particular clone to the desired value in the refectory to provide it with a supply.

Food for a clone can be purchased at the Commodity Exchange. By engaging in agriculture (farming, animal breeding), you can also independently produce products that clones can eat.

There are a lot of activities where a clone additionally expends stamina:

  • Work at a private enterprise (0.5 stamina per day);
  • Work at a state enterprise (1 stamina per day, but at some enterprises the consumption rate is higher - cutting factory - 2 stamina, jewelry workshop - 2 stamina, general headquarters - 5 stamina);
  • Work on long-term construction (1.5 stamina per day or 1 stamina per day when building a principality or, if the construction site is located in the principality where the clone lives);
  • Working on short-term contracts (0.01 stamina to complete each task);
  • Work in gold mines (1 stamina per day);
  • Development of resource mines (6 stamina per day for each mine);
  • Keeping a chicken farm (1 stamina per day);
  • Travel to battle sites (5 stamina);
  • Acceleration of studying at public school (from 1 to 20 stamina for each subject);
  • Training on the princely arena (1 stamina per day);
  • When engaged in farming (1 stamina per day during the stages of manual fertilization, sowing and harvesting).
  • Search for a treasure in real estate (5 stamina per day);
  • Search for a treasure in the settlement (5 stamina per day);
  • Fighting as part of a squad (1 stamina per day);
  • Fighting as part of a bandit army (1 stamina per day);
  • Battles for treasure caches (10 stamina for each battle completed).

In addition to the daily consumption for various actions, clones can spend stamina to build and improve cowsheds and pigsties, as well as to repair real estate, settlements and principalities. You can read more about this in the relevant help sections.

Increasing stamina #

There are several ways to increase a clone’s stamina:

  • serve food in the refectory. This method allows you to maintain the stamina level of all clones in your account (the refectory will be a common dining room for them). Ensure a sufficient number of stamina units in the refectory and regularly replenish supplies;
  • use a magical artifact - a ring of stamina (with different gems);
  • an additional 1% to 50% of the daily stamina rate is restored at the beginning of the day if the clone lives in a house. Real estate for living may be either your own or rented. In this case, the clone feels comfortable, he gets enough sleep, and some of his energy is restored. The amount of stamina restored daily depends on the level of the house - the higher it is, the more comfortable the clone lives in it and the more energy is restored;
  • an additional 5% of the daily stamina rate is restored if the clone lives in a house that is located in a principality with the Megalithic era development level;
  • an additional 20% to 50% of the clone’s daily stamina is restored if the clone is wearing clothing. The more decently dressed a clone is, the more stamina it restores.

Exchange for stamina coupons #

Stamina units from the refectory can be exchanged for stamina coupons.

Stamina Coupons are required to participate in the Securities Auction when purchasing Trade Guild securities. They are also used to update tip-offs for robbers.

1 unit of stamina corresponds to 1 stamina coupon, the exchange can be made in both directions. When exchanging, stamina units are taken from the refectory, and the resulting coupons appear in the inventory of the current clone.

If you no longer need the coupons, they can be exchanged for stamina. After the exchange, stamina will be added to the refectory.