Character Clothes

Character Clothes #

Character Clothes

In the world of clones, there are several types of clothing for your characters.

Casual wear #

In the world of clones, high-quality clothing is not only a means of protection from bad weather, but plays in society the role of a kind of social “passport”, reflecting the class affiliation, wealth and individuality of the owner. And it’s simply indecent to be in society without clothes, isn’t it?

Such clothes are made from flax fiber, which is grown in abundance in the land of clones. To produce his own clothing, the owner of a settlement or principality needs to build an appropriate enterprise - an atelier.

Casual clothing is divided into men’s and women’s. Clones can only wear clothes designed for their gender. Also, each social status has its own design - the higher the status, the more expensive and better quality the clothes. A clone can wear clothes that he likes, even if they are intended for another class.

The cost of creating clothing depends on the status of the clone for which it is intended.

Table. Cost of creating clothes

Type of clothingGoldLinen, units
Craftsman’s clothing0.510
Peasant clothes0.512
Bourgeois clothes115
Merchant’s clothes225
Baron’s clothes350
Count’s clothes470
Emperor’s clothes4100

Wearing clothing provides certain bonuses in the form of intention and stamina units . However, if a clone wears clothing that does not correspond to his social status, he will not be awarded any intention points, only stamina will be awarded.

Table. Wearing bonuses and clothing level

Type of clothingIntentionStaminaClothing level
Craftsman’s clothing10.21
Peasant clothes10.252
Bourgeois clothes10.33
Merchant’s clothes10.354
Baron’s clothes10.45
Count’s clothes10.456
Emperor’s clothes10.57

In the atelier, for one day you can sew a certain number of units of men’s and women’s clothing (with a total level of no more than 7 units). In this case, men’s and women’s clothing are counted separately.

New flax clothes can be sold at the fair to other residents. The sale of used clothing is not permitted. The durability of new clothes is 365 days.

Exile’s Cloak #

This type of clothing is required for the free and final transfer of clones to the care of the state. If you are no longer able or willing to keep a clone, it should be prepared in the appropriate way and then transferred to the government. The clone must be well fed (stamina should not be below 0) and dressed in special clothing: the Exile’s Cloak. The transfer of a clone to the state is free of charge and irreversible.

You can sew no more than 10 units of such clothes per day, the cost of production is 10 kg of flax + 0.5 gold coins.

The Exile’s Cloak is for sale at the fair. This clothing is equally suitable for clones of all statuses except tramps. The Exile’s Cloak cannot be worn at the same time as the clone’s casual clothing.

Types of protective leather clothing and their characteristics #

You can order only one calfskin per day for cutting, from which you can sew a certain number of things. You can cut leather tanned at your own enterprise in the principality or settlement - Tannery - or purchased at the fair.

Leather clothing, both new and used, can be bought and sold at the fair.

There are several types of protective clothing for clones and they have different costs to create.

Table. Cost of protective clothing production

Type of clothingGoldCalfskinIronDragon scales
Leather vest0.1251/8--
Leather Jacket0.251/4--
Leather coat0.51/2--
Samurai leather cloak111-
Dragonscale Leather Cloak1.51-100

Also, protective clothing varies in strength and percentage of damage absorbed, depending on the weapon used.

Table. Strength and protective properties of clothing, depending on the type of weapon

Type of protective clothingStrengthFists and edged weapons, %Firearms, warheads and cannonballs, %
Leather vest30001-53-7
Leather Jacket50005-107-13
Leather coat10,00010-2010-25
Samurai leather cloak10,00030-8010-50
Dragonscale Leather Cloak15,00080-10070-100

Example of calculating strength consumption #

For example, a clone is dressed in a samurai leather cloak, and his opponent attacks with a saber. The damage dealt by a saber can range from 22 to 45 health points. The cloak absorbs from 10% to 40% of damage caused by melee weapons. Specific amounts of damage and defense are calculated during combat separately for each blow. Let’s assume that the enemy struck a blow that could take away 40 units of health, and the value of the cloak’s protection from this blow is calculated as 20%. Then 20% of the damage (8 health units) will be absorbed by the cloak, its strength will decrease by 8 units. The clone will only receive 32 health damage.

The durability of the cloak is less than the impact force. The cloak will absorb the impact to the extent of its remaining durability. The rest of the damage will be taken by the clone. When durability reaches 0 units, the cloak will disappear and will need to be replaced after the end of the battle.

Unloading vests #

Cost to create a vest = 12 flax + 0.5 gold coins.

Unloading vests allow the clone to take additional health elixirs with him to a tournament battle or duel, which the clone can use if necessary directly during the battle. In other battles, the unloading vest is not used, even if the character is wearing it. The vest can hold up to 5 bottles of health elixir. If during a tournament battle or duel the clone’s health drops below 10 units, then he can have time to get the elixir from the vest and drink it. In battle, the elixir will restore the clone’s health by 50 units. The clone may not have time to drink the elixir, then he can use the “Last Chance” combat skill he has, and if he doesn’t have it, he will lose the battle according to the standard rules.

The chance of successfully using the elixir decreases with each subsequent bottle during the battle:

  • 1st bottle: 80%;
  • 2nd bottle: 70%;
  • 3rd bottle: 60%;
  • 4th bottle: 50%;
  • 5th bottle: 40%.

Before the battle, you need to load the required number of bottles of health elixir into the vest on the “Vest Filling” page (“Trade” → “Weapon Shop” → “Vest Filling”). You cannot remove elixirs from the vest back to your inventory; they can only be spent in battle. But you can remove the vest from a clone, even if there are elixirs left in it after the battle.

There you can activate the automatic filling of vests before the battle. In this case, all clones wearing unloading vests will independently replenish the supply of elixirs from their inventory or storage

The durability of the unloading vest is 100 battles and decreases if the vest worn on the clone works at least 1 time during a tournament battle or duel. The studio can produce no more than 3 unloading vests per day. You can buy or sell unloading vests at the fair (both empty and with elixir).