Inventory #


In its inventory, the clone stores things, resources and work supplies. All products obtained, purchased and produced by the clone, as well as animals that belong to the clone, come here.

The table displays all the items and resources that are in the character’s inventory. When you hover your cursor over the number showing the number of items of each item, you can move all the items or a specific part to the storage. The storage must be built and renovated.

All things and resources that are in a clone’s inventory can only be used by that clone. To give something to another clone, place the item in the storage and the other clone will pick it up.

You can choose to display all the clone’s property in the inventory at once, or only items belonging to one group, for example: resources, food, clothing, etc.

Attention! You can discard items and resources from your inventory if you no longer need them. The operation is irreversible, so be careful. This feature can be disabled or enabled on the inventory page. Most discarded items end up at the Flea Market.