Fighting as part of a squad

Fighting as part of a squad #

Fighting as part of a squad

Only squads of those principalities in which the banner was raised can conduct military operations against the enemy.

The squad of each principality can carry out no more than 1 attack per day. If a clone is training in the arena during a fight, he will still participate in the fight.

If a banner is raised in a principality, Webman’s army can independently strike such a principality. In this case, it is considered that the principality carried out 1 attack (it cannot attack any more today). If during the day the principality already independently attacked the enemy, an attack by Webman’s army is still possible. If the defensive wall is built and in good working order, then the enemy detachment will use the tactics of siege of the principality. If the defensive Wall is not built (or it is destroyed), then if the princely army is defeated, the result will be the same as in a successful siege (capture of the principality).

Preliminary conditions for participating in battles #

To participate in battle, a clone must have the following characteristics:

  • Stamina 0 or higher;
  • health 10 or higher.

If a clone’s stamina is below 0, then it does not take part in the battle. He also does not take part in the battle if his health is below 10 units (except when the settings are set to automatically restore health before the battle and there is a health elixir in the clone’s inventory or storage). A prince can also set up automatic treatment for his warriors at his own expense.

The next day, 1 unit of stamina will be deducted from the clone for each battle fought the day before.

Ammunition and protection #

When participating in battles as part of a squad, a clone can use any equipped weapon - from brass knuckles to a battleship or control a dragon. You can participate in battle without weapons, if the prince allows it, but a clone will not achieve much success with fists only.

To fire a firearm, the clone must have live ammunition (cannonballs are required to fire from cannons and ships).

A clone can buy the necessary ammunition on the stock exchange. If a clone has received a special education - he has studied a course in handling ammunition, then he can produce the necessary ammunition himself in the “Weapons Making” section (“Trade” → “Weapons Making”).

Attention! An artillery gun can be commanded by a clone with the status of “peasant” and above, and a warship can be commanded by a clone with the status of “bourgeois”. These two types of weapons are used only during training in the arena and in combats where princely squads, bandit troops and cache robbers participate. They are not suitable for tournaments, guarding or robberies. You can only equip one type of firearm and bladed weapon at a time. An artillery gun or a warship are considered as firearms.

Protective clothing reduces damage to the clone and loses its durability. Protective clothing can be purchased at the Fair or produced in the settlement’s or principality’s own workshop.

Protective leather clothing reduces damage to the clone and loses its durability. You can create protective clothing in your own atelier in your settlement or principality.

Artillery pieces, warships (including rigged ones), and dragons have their own basic defensive properties: damage taken by clones using such weapons is partially reduced by the durability of the guns and ships; dragons and their riders are invulnerable.

All weapons wear out during battles as follows:

  • each blow with a melee weapon reduces the weapon’s durability by 1 unit;
  • Each shot with a live cartridge reduces the weapon’s durability by 10 units;
  • Each cannonball shot reduces the weapon’s durability by 10 points.

Offensive battles of the squad #

If a clone has both a firearm and a bladed weapon, the firearm is used first. If all the ammunition is used up, but the battle is still ongoing, the clone will continue the battle with melee weapons.

If the enemy has fighters with firearms, then clones with melee weapons will be able to attack the enemy in battle only after the shooting has ended. Moreover, such clones can receive damage from enemy shots, but cannot respond with a blow, even if they have the “Ninja” combat skill. This combat skill is not used in military operations.

Not wanting to engage in battle, General Webman’s troops sometimes use military stratagem, hiding and putting up dummies in their place. The princely squad can be deceived by this and attack the enemy’s dummies. After the first salvo, the deception is revealed, but it is believed that the limit of attacks of the principality for that day has already been exhausted.

The prince’s army will be considered the loser in this battle with the dummies, so it cannot collect spent ammunition from the battlefield according to the general rules. All participants in the battle will be awarded units of Military skills and Military Initiative according to the general rules.

The prince and his squad can recognize the enemy’s trick. The likelihood of recognizing dummies and attacking a real enemy army depends on the presence and level of development of the princely Training Arena:

  • the arena is not built or needs repairs – 60%;
  • 1st level arena – 70%;
  • 2nd level arena – 75%;
  • 3rd level arena – 80%;
  • 4th level arena – 85%;
  • 5th level arena – 90%;
  • arena of any level and built Great Building “Warrior Statue” of level V – 100%.

Siege tactics #

If in the principality a defensive wall is built and in good order, then the enemy detachment will use the tactics of principality siege. The siege may last a considerable time. It all depends on how quickly the enemy can destroy the fortified wall and defeat the princely squad, or how quickly another princely squad can defeat this enemy army and lift the siege of the principality. During a siege, the enemy army attacks every day, the interval between battles is 24 hours. The squad of the besieged principality can only repel enemy attacks. They cannot attack on their own.

Enemy fighters only hit the prince’s squad warriors hiding behind the Wall in 25% of cases. In other cases, the Wall takes the blow and gradually collapses. If the Wall is hit by an enemy cannonball or bullet, the strength of the Wall decreases, similar to the health of a squad member, as if he had been hit.

The squad of the besieged principality is protected by the Wall, so even a relatively small detachment has a chance to successfully repel an enemy attack. The Wall provides an additional bonus to the basic accuracy of weapons used by defenders (except for dragons), but the effectiveness of the Wall may decrease as it is destroyed. When the Wall’s strength drops to 8,000 points or lower, the Wall is considered completely destroyed and ceases to function.

Table. Bonus to base weapon accuracy of defenders (except dragons)

Wall levelBonus, %

Table. Maximum strength of the principality wall

Wall levelMaximum strength, points.

Table. Threshold strength at which the wall level is reduced by one

Wall levelThreshold strength, points

During the siege of the principality, certain restrictions are also applied:

  • a squad under siege cannot attack any enemy army;
  • clones cannot leave the squad.

In the register of principalities, a special mark is placed opposite the principality that is currently under siege. In the section on the history of troop battles during a siege battle, information about the battle is displayed. Ammunition that hits the wall is accumulated in the “Wall Trophies” fund. Ammunition that fell into the princely troops after the battle goes to the princely army in the form of battle trophies, according to the standard rules for receiving battle trophies. Ammunition shot by the princely troops goes to the besieging enemy army minus 10%.

The siege can be stopped by the aggressor himself (the enemy retreated, ending the siege). In this case, the “Spoils of the Wall” fund goes to the besieged princely army according to the standard rules for receiving battle trophies.

The siege can also be lifted if an outside princely squad attacks and defeats the besieging enemy army. In this case, the Spoils of the Wall fund also goes to the besieged princely army according to standard rules.

The principality is considered captured if both conditions are met:

  • the wall is destroyed (strength dropped to 8000 units or lower);
  • The besieged princely squad is defeated (the battle is lost).

If the enemy army wins, the successful siege ends and the principality is captured by the enemy. In this case, the “Wall Spoils” fund goes to the winner (the enemy army).

After capturing the principality, the enemy troops can split into smaller combat units and continue attacking the settlements of the principality. Enemy marauders can attack the homes of residents of the principality (these capabilities are under development).

Payment of salaries and spoils of war #

All participants in the battle (both in case of victory and in case of defeat) are paid a salary in gold coins, the amount of which depends on the amount of the enemy’s health knocked out. The cost of one health unit will be set by the command and communicated to the soldiers. The prince commanding the squad receives an additional 10% of the total payment to his soldiers.

Additionally, the victorious side collects from the battlefield its ammunition spent in battle in the form of resources spent on the production of live ammunition and cannonballs (gold and iron - separately, minus 25% of each resource). The winner also collects from the battlefield the ammunition spent by the losing side (also minus 25%). Next, the collected iron and gold are divided among the warriors according to the amount of enemy health they knocked out.

If the principality is under siege, then additional rules for the distribution of spoils apply.

Accrual of characteristics for combat operations #

During combat operations as part of the princely squad, the clone gains the following stats:

  • knowledge of military affairs: for each accurate hit +6 units, for inaccurate hits +2 units;
  • military initiative: for participation in battle +3 units, for victory +6 units;
  • additional bonus for kvass: depending on the weapon used.

If a clone does not use any weapons in battle and punches, he does NOT gain Military Knowledge.

Please note that some combat skills will NOT work in squad battles with a common enemy.

Characteristic “Additional bonus for kvass” #

By training in the Principality Arena or participating in battles as part of the princely squad, the clone earns “Additional bonus for kvass” points for each battle performed. If a clone has “Additional bonus for kvass” points, then each bottle of this drink drunk will additionally add 33 units of military knowledge. More details about this characteristic can be found in the corresponding section.

Trips to battlefields #

You will travel to the sites of today’s battles together with armed guards who will take care of your safety. The picture of the battles will appear to your eyes in every detail. Perhaps you can write a great feature story about these battles and send it to a Clone Land newspaper. If your article is published, you will receive a fee. You will spend 5 stamina on the trip.