Military rank

Military rank #

Military rank

You can receive a military rank after completing the necessary classes and military training on the “Military Ranks” page (“Character” → “Military Ranks”).

Receiving a military rank is a serious, deliberate step. A clone with a military rank is a respected resident of the state who adheres to certain moral principles. Under no conditions can he take the slippery path of theft and robbery. And even if he previously participated in robberies, to receive a rank he must renounce his criminal past. At the moment a military rank is received, all criminal characteristics of the clone (criminal authority, thief’s luck) will be reset to zero.

Naturally, clones with a military rank are more experienced in terms of fighting. The value of a clone’s military skills increases in tournament battles and fights with robbers, taking into account his rank.

Table. The influence of rank on military skills in battle

RankCoefficient (%)
Second Lieutenant/Cornet/Non-Commissioned Lieutenant1
Staff Captain/Staff Captain/Lieutenant Captain3
Captain/Captain/Captain III rank4
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II Rank5
Colonel/Captain 1st rank6
Major General/Rear Admiral7
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral8
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet10

When serving in a princely squad, a military rank allows you to receive increased stats for your service. Clones who do not have a rank receive 1 unit of military initiative every day, while clones wearing shoulder straps will pump up this characteristic more intensively.

Table. The influence of rank on obtaining military initiative when serving in the princely squad

RankAccrual of military initiative
Second Lieutenant/Cornet/Non-Commissioned Lieutenant2
Staff Captain/Staff Captain/Lieutenant Captain2
Captain/Captain/Captain III rank3
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II Rank3
Colonel/Captain 1st rank4
Major General/Rear Admiral5
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral6
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet10

Clones with military ranks also train more effectively in megalithic structures such as baths and the great warrior complex.

Table. The influence of military rank on the development of clone characteristics when visiting megalithic structures

RankCalculation of military initiative in termsAccrual of military knowledge in the great warrior complex
Second Lieutenant/Cornet/Non-Commissioned Lieutenant4100
Staff Captain/Staff Captain/Lieutenant Captain8200
Captain/Captain/Captain III rank10250
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II Rank12300
Colonel/Captain 1st rank14350
Major General/Rear Admiral16400
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral18450
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet22550

If necessary, you can refuse a military rank that the clone already has, if your character development strategy requires it (the costs of obtaining the rank are not reimbursed). Subsequently, it will be possible to start a military career again, including in a different branch of the military.