Social statuses

Social statuses #

There are 8 social statuses in the clone world. As the character’s social status increases, wider gaming opportunities will be available to him.

Each clone begins his life’s journey in the lowest social status - a tramp.

General Features #

Here you can read more about the general capabilities of game statuses.

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Subsidy for young clones #

Young clones of any social status receive a special subsidy from the state. The subsidy is paid for a certain number of days, depending on social status.

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Tramp #


This is an introductory status that will help you understand the basics of the game a little, find a mentor and get to know other community members better.

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Craftsman #


You’ve broken out of the tramp robe, congratulations! The first step towards establishing your own empire has been completed… Now there are much more possibilities.

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Peasant #


You have taken a giant step forward, surpassing 70% of the entire population of the virtual state in development! Now you belong to the “peasant” social class. What can the peasants do?

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Bourgeois #


You are already a bourgeois, great! Just imagine, only a little more than 3.5% of the entire population of the virtual world of clones were able to achieve this social status. Let’s delve into your new capabilities.

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Merchant #


Merchant! Just imagine, a little more than 0.2% of the total population of the land of clones are merchants. New opportunities and horizons are opening up before you!

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Baron #


To become a baron, you must make a generous contribution to the development of the state. Only a few hundred clones have the title of baron in the world of clones!

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Count #


A baron who has made a charitable contribution to the state can achieve the status of count. This is practically the pinnacle of development in the land of clones!

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Emperor #


Emperor is the highest rank in the land of clones. An Emperor is universally respected. But to achieve this majestic status, many conditions must be met.

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