Baron #


Welcome to the noble assembly, Your Honor!

By achieving the status of “Baron”, you have proven that you are not only a rich, but also a generous clone. Not only your personal interests are important to you, but also the interests of our entire community, and that’s great!

Conditions for obtaining status #

Barons think not only about personal well-being, but also care about state interests. To obtain the status of “Baron”, a merchant must make a charitable contribution to the development of the State in the amount of 400 gold coins.

Status options #

A baron, having all the capabilities of a merchant, can also hold positions at state enterprises that are available only to nobles:

  • pleasure boats port manager;
  • collegiate adviser at the Chancellery.

When a clone with the status of “baron” can meet a red deer.

In the field of agriculture, a clone with the status of “Baron” can make wonders:

  • keep cattle, maximum 150 animals;
  • keep pigs, maximum 150 animals;
  • keep a chicken farm of up to 100 birds maximum;
  • simultaneously cultivate 60 plots of land near the house and grow crops on them.

The path to the top of power #

In the “merchant” status, a clone can develop his estate into a large city.

But only starting with the “Baron” status can a clone raise the status of his city to a megacity - this is the highest level of settlement in our game world. Cities, villages and estates are subordinate to the megacity. The population of the megacity is large, the production capacity is huge!

Also, a clone with the status of “Baron” can not only discuss other people’s bills and vote in the Parliament, but also introduce his own bills for consideration. Imagine, you can propose your own idea for the development of our world as a whole, or some individual element. If the residents of the land of clones like this idea, it will become law!

There are fewer and fewer steps left on your path to the pinnacle of power - the emperor crown. All that remains is to receive the title “Count” and thoroughly work on your principality.