Bourgeois #


A bourgeois is a wealthy city dweller. The presence of such status in a clone emphasizes its wealth and inspires respect both for the clone itself and for its owner. Just imagine, only 3.5% of the total population of the land of clones were able to obtain the social status of “bourgeois”!

Conditions for obtaining status #

To obtain the status of “bourgeois” you need to study 4 sciences at the public school, with a total cost of 40 gold coins.

Status options #

A bourgeois is a clone who has got a complete and comprehensive education. In addition to the capabilities he previously had, a clone in this status is capable of greater things!

As a respected member of the community, a bourgeois now may not just vote for or against bills in Parliament, but also take part in discussing bills (if he has 200 charisma points), express his opinion, which will be seen and appreciated by other clones. As discussions progress, the authors of bills often amend them if they see interesting ideas. So you can already directly influence important events in the world of clones!

Job #

In the “Work” section, the bourgeoisie can find leadership positions in any state enterprises. As a rule, to occupy such positions, in addition to status, a high level of special knowledge is also required. But it was not in vain that the clone, while he was an artisan and peasant, worked hard and gained experience?

However, the clone may remain at the same place of work. It all depends on the strategy for its development. At higher positions, the clone will receive a higher salary, but will gain less experience. What is more important to you - decide for yourself.

A bourgeois who is engaged in hunting can purchase a license to hunt a wolf.

A clone in a princely squad or bandit army can still carry bladed weapons or control an artillery piece. Now he can also command a warship. And this is a completely different level of damage inflicted on the enemy, and, accordingly, prize gold coins.

The bourgeois, as a literate clone, can receive a special education “Engineer of Megalithic Structures,” which allows him to work on the construction of these majestic structures. Since there are few such specialists, their earnings are usually significantly higher than the salaries of builders at conventional sites.

Starting with the status of “bourgeois”, a clone can afford to purchase his own pleasure boat or even several ships. As a ship owner, a clone can sell tickets for a cruise to distant islands to other clones, and can even send his clones to distant shores to search magical ingredients for the minimum cost of a ticket - just 0.1 gold coins.

Agriculture #

A bourgeois, like a peasant, can engage in agriculture, but his possibilities are much greater.

A clone with the status of “bourgeois” can:

  • keep a chicken farm of up to 100 birds maximum;
  • keep cattle, maximum 10 animals;
  • keep pigs, maximum 10 animals;
  • simultaneously cultivate 5 plots of land near the house and grow crops on them.

Urban planning #

As we know, a clone with the status of “peasant” could establish a small estate, build small enterprises there and extract resources.

A clone that has achieved the status of “bourgeois” can upgrade the level of the estate, in which production is maximally developed, to a village. And this is a very big and important step! Why? Because a village can have subsidiary settlements - estates. Part of the taxes paid from the operation of enterprises on estates, as well as bonuses for the development of production enterprises in them, goes to the owner of the village. If you want to earn or save as much as possible, it makes sense to engage in social work - to attract new residents to your settlement. So that they build houses, start a household, and work in your enterprises. And it’s even better if they build their settlements on the territory of your village and bring you passive income!

You have control levers. You yourself set the price at which you will buy the resource from enterprises (thus setting the amount of wages for employees). You can increase or decrease social subsidies for your residents, as well as the owners of subsidiary settlements.

If you don’t want to waste time negotiating with other players, you can build everything yourself. Create your own army of clones, arrange them to work at your enterprises! But you don’t have to stop, you should develop your settlement. Remember that if any settlement administratively subordinate to your village reaches the village level itself, it will leave your authority.

As you develop, more and more variety of enterprises and factories will become available to you for construction. More and more production volumes are becoming available to you.

The gold treasures that your squad can discover will definitely please the eye.

Principality #

Probably the most important opportunity that appears to a character who has achieved the social status of “bourgeois” is the opportunity to found his own Principality!

Create your own state on the land of clones! Be its ruler! On the territory of the principality, settlements and houses will be able to be located, architectural wonders will be built, which will have a positive impact on all residents of the principality. And all of them will be directly subordinate to their prince.

The prince can collect taxes from settlements and can assign social subsidies to the residents of his principality. This is a huge step towards establishing your own empire. Princes also receive additional subsidies from the state; these payments are quite significant, their size depends on the principality level of development.

At the Principalities Auction, you can try to select a version of a ready-made state of one or another development level. If you acquire a principality, all you have to do is turn it into a powerful empire.

The Principality has enormous capabilities, including production, engineering and military capabilities, and has its own squad… Becoming a prince means joining the elite of the inhabitants of the land of clones. Now you have a direct path to the imperial throne. This path is not quick and easy… But the one who walks will master the road!

Securities #

Now that you already have enough gold coins for quiet growth and development, you should think about creating your own securities portfolio.

Securities are an indicator of the mood and profitability of a particular industry of the state. All of them bring daily income in the form of dividends in gold. Returns may fluctuate. Therefore, having a set of different types of securities, you can create additional passive and fairly stable income. There is no such thing as too much gold!

It is most profitable to buy securities at an auction, where they are available at the lowest (nominal) price. We recommend monitoring the profitability of all securities; statistical information is presented on the financial report page. You will be able to understand which of the securities are the most highly profitable and stable at the moment, that is, they represent the “blue chips” of the state.

Merchant Guild #

Achieving “bourgeois” status is an important step, but this is not the limit of a clone’s development!

The next step to the imperial throne is entry into the merchant class.

Forward to new achievements and victories!