Count #


Hello, Your Excellency!

Conditions for obtaining status #

To obtain the status of “count”, a baron must make a charitable contribution to the development of the State in the amount of 1,500 gold coins. Yes, this is a considerable sum, but a count is almost an emperor, the pinnacle of the community’s elite. And rulers should solve global important problems, implement great projects, and not count pennies, right?

You have achieved the highest title that the state can bestow!

In the virtual world, emperors come after the count. The clone receives this title independently, and not from the state.

Status options #

Already in the status of “Baron” you have reached great heights. The only position at state enterprises that can only be filled by a clone with the status of “Count” was not available to you: Chancellor in the Chancellery.

During a hunt, a clone in the “Count” status can obtain moose gifts.

A clone with the status of “count” has the opportunity to open a private bank. Your own bank, with which you can deposit your game account and turn game money into real money!

And of course agriculture. If a clone in the “Baron” status had excellent production capabilities, then in the “Count” status you are simply a wizard! In addition to a chicken coop for 100 heads, you can:

  • grow crops and simultaneously cultivate 240 plots of land;
  • keep cattle, maximum 400 animals;
  • keep pigs, maximum 400 animals.

Become an emperor #

The path to the imperial crown has already been almost completed.

The news about appearing a new emperor in our world is so significant that a special announcement is made about it, the newly-crowned emperors are interviewed and shown all respect. And you are only one step away from this!