Emperor #


Emperor is the highest title in the land of clones. An Emperor is universally respected.

Conditions for obtaining status #

To obtain the status of “emperor” you do not need to pay a single gold coin to the state! The conditions for promotion to the class of emperors are as follows:

  • have the status of “count”;
  • develop the princely university to level 5, and other princely enterprises to level 4;
  • build a settlement of the Megacity level and develop all production enterprises in it to the maximum level;
  • build a princely palace;
  • raise the principality banner.

Once all the conditions are met, on the “Social Status” page (“Character” → “Social Status”) you can ask for the increase in social status.

Status options #

The game capabilities of a clone in the “emperor” status can be described in a quite simple way: the emperor has the most capabilities.

An Emperor can hold any position at state enterprises! But remember that just a title is not enough, a clone must have certain skills and characteristics - and then he can do any job with the highest earnings.

Only a hunter with the status of “emperor” can hunt an animal that has the status of “the taiga master” assigned by the people - the bear!

A clone with the status of “emperor” can magically engage in agriculture in his free time from running the empire:

  • keep cattle, maximum 500 animals;
  • keep pigs, maximum 500 animals;
  • simultaneously cultivate 270 plots of land near the house and grow crops on them.

There are perhaps only two things that emperors cannot do: carry out tasks for tramps and follow the path of a robber. But why do those who have reached the top need these occupations? The fact that a clone becomes a emperor doesn’t mean the game is over! On the contrary, all the most interesting things are ahead: use your achievements, your production capabilities, develop the empire, build architectural wonders, earn money and have fun!