General Features

General Features #

General Features

“Social status” is the name given to the position of an individual in an organized society.

Social status is determined by a set of distinctive features: level of income, education, power, consumption, and the nature of job.

The higher the status, the wider the available range of activities and the more diverse the sources of potential income. As status increases, so do the opportunities to influence social processes, privileges and responsibilities.

Your clone rises from the very bottom of society and has the opportunity to reach the top of Olympus, going through a difficult path from a tramp to an emperor. You, as the creator of your character, control its development. Everything is in your hands!

By raising the status of your clones and mastering new economic models with them, you will gain experience and knowledge that will be useful not only in the game, but also in life. You can rise to the top of the world not only in the clone world, but also in the real one!

As you already know, there are 8 social statuses on the Clone Land. The status, as well as the gender of your interlocutor, for example, in the mail can be recognized by the picture next to the clone’s name. In the list of your clones, characters’ names are highlighted in color: craftsmen - green, peasants - brown, etc.

Table. Social statuses


Status increases occur consistently. That is, a tramp cannot immediately become a bourgeois, and a craftsman cannot immediately become a merchant. It is necessary to pass all statuses, having mastered all the necessary knowledge. After all, in real life we don’t go to university right after kindergarten?

Upon reaching Craftsman status, the clone gains access to various actions that will remain available upon subsequent status increases. Some of these opportunities will develop as your status increases.

General capabilities of different statuses #

General status options (except for tramps):