Merchant #


Membership in the merchant guild is the image of a major merchant and the reliability of a strong word. Traders from young to old are happy to do business with you. Your trading advice is listened to carefully.

Merchants are the elite who lead trade on trading platforms in the virtual world. These are the main wholesalers of the state, with whom even emperors negotiate before the construction of certain structures begins.

Conditions for obtaining status #

The bourgeois no longer needs to acquire knowledge at the public school. It is enough to simply purchase membership in the merchant guild by paying an entrance fee of 150 gold coins. This is not a small sum, but the fact that a clone was able to take such a step will show everyone around him that he is prosperous and reliable! They will begin to listen to your words and actions, take your example and ask for advice.

Status options #

The bulk of gaming opportunities are available to clones who have reached the “bourgeois” level.

With each subsequent level of the clone’s social status, these capabilities only increase by one level. But this level is expensive, not everyone can climb it.

Job #

When employed at state enterprises, a merchant can take positions that are not available to clones of a lower status:

If a merchant is fond of hunting, he can drive a wild boar.

Agriculture #

A merchant, thanks to his organizational skills and the inherent amount of magic in our game, can simultaneously manage a large business and perform a huge amount of hard peasant work.

A clone with the “merchant” status can:

  • keep cattle, maximum 40 animals;
  • keep pigs, maximum 40 animals;
  • keep a chicken farm of up to 100 birds maximum;
  • simultaneously cultivate 20 plots of land near the house and grow crops on them.

Own business #

A merchant is a wealthy resident of the world of clones, and can already afford to own not only enterprises for producing and processing ordinary resources. A clone with the status of “merchant” can open his own jewelry production and create jewelry with jemstones. These decorations are not just beautiful, but also have useful properties, as they affect various characteristics of clones.

A clone with the status of “bourgeois” could afford to purchase a small pleasure boat with a capacity of 10 passengers and send them on a voyage to get ingredients for elixirs. A clone with the status of “merchant” thinks on a completely different scale - you can own a pleasure boat with a capacity of 50 seats or even a large cruise ship on which 100 clones can go to distant islands for magical ingredients at once.

Urban planning #

The village owned by the clone with the status of “bourgeois” is no longer a small estate, but not such a large settlement either.

Having received the status of “merchant”, you can raise the level of the settlement and transfer it to the status of a city! The city’s manufacturing enterprises make it possible to extract and process many more resources. Large-scale production requires more workers. This means that the number of residents is growing, and along with it, the amount of taxes that you receive every day is growing!

In addition, you can already build a production chain of administratively subordinate subsidiary settlements: estate - village - city. The cost of your resources decreases. Do you understand what this means?

Kings of the Merchant Guild #

A wise merchant is one who has a warehouse full of various goods and who can put the right goods on the shelves on time. For example, in this half of the year there is a shortage of food products, and they are in price, and in the next half of the year there is a need for high-quality building materials or feed crops.

In order to skillfully take advantage of the moment and extract maximum income from trade, a competent trader tries to have stocks of certain goods and deliver them to the market on time. In addition to timely deliveries, the merchant always keeps an eye out for the appearance of goods at competitively low prices. Skillfully using the system for issuing trade orders, he buys such goods and stores them in his warehouse.

A merchant who has large reserves of resources can rationally use them in construction projects and the development of his settlement or principality.

If you don’t have enough of your own resource, you have to buy it from the commodity exchange. You can buy in different ways. You can do this aggressively, in large volumes, creating panic and an increase in the price of this resource. You can buy slowly, in small quantities, unnoticed by the market, keeping the price at the same level. The merchant wisely uses all these tricks for his strategic development purposes.

Put the product on the market in large quantities to reduce the price, or in small quantities to maintain it

Merchants are happy to use their knowledge and trading skills when working on the foreign exchange exchange. Analyzing time intervals and fluctuations in the rate of game currency, they skillfully find that very “bargain price”, wait for the right moment and buy up impressive volumes.

When the right moment comes, they make profitable sales. Due to large volumes, a trader can extract larger incomes. A merchant can use profitably purchased gold to expand production, purchase goods, invest in career growth, or help the owner in the real world.

The path to noble titles #

The merchant is a respected clone, but he is an elite among the commoners.

The time has come to think about moving into the real elite of this world - the aristocracy.

The first of the noble titles is the social status of “Baron”.

Receiving a noble title is the next step on the path to the throne of the emperor. But in order to become an emperor, it is necessary not only to pass through all social classes. It is necessary to have a powerful principality and megacity.

We wish you interesting and large trade, positive experience, as well as success in construction!