Tramp #


Tramp status is given to your first clone upon registration, as well as to each new clone you create.

Important information #

Your clones earn hard coins for you, which can be withdrawn from the game and turned into real money. To protect your account and game values, it is recommended to fill out your personal data.

For security reasons, personal data can only be entered once. To change or delete previously entered personal data, you should contact support. If you change your email address in your account settings, you will need to repeat the email confirmation procedure again.

Very important! If there is only 1 clone on your account and it has the “tramp” status, then the life of such an account is limited:

  • 365 days, if the email address is confirmed and personal data is entered;
  • 90 days if you have not confirmed your email address;
  • 90 days if you do not visit your account.

Under the character’s avatar, click the link “The first steps of a tramp”.

As one of first steps, we highly recommend taking the Jung test, which is also called the “key to the unconscious”. You will be able to find out what your inner unconscious self thinks about different things. After the test, come back here. The test is not mandatory, it is made for general development.

Status options #

Available activities:

Unavailable activities:

  • exchange gold coins for Clonecoins on the currency exchange and withdraw Clonecoins;
  • participate in trading activities (except for selling flowers at the fair and purchasing products at the Trade Guild);
  • run your own business (except growing flowers).

Job #

In the “Work” section, a tramp can find a job. She will not be highly paid, however, the clone will work while you sleep!

Since our world is still a game, here a clone can simultaneously perform different types of work: be a servant, a slaughterer at a meat factory, or an auxiliary worker at a construction site. Additionally, the clone can work at one of the state enterprises.

You can read more about job opportunities for hobos here.

After increasing the status, the clone will be able to perform higher-paying jobs, as well as receive passive income! Gold coins can be deposited into your account daily from profitable enterprises you have built. If this path is closer to you, increase your status, buy coins and act without delay!

In addition to wages, a tramp can also receive gold coins as follows:

Shelter - here a tramp, provided that he is the only clone on the account, can receive shelter and livelihood in the amount of 0.01 gold coins. A tramp can visit the shelter only once a day. Funds for the maintenance of the shelter are allocated by the state from a charity fund, the size of which determines the number of available places in the shelter.

All financial transactions are displayed on your game account.

The clone’s work book records all of his places of work.

Changes in any character characteristics are recorded in the characteristics log; you can always view and analyze everything on the character page.

Attention! If your tramp is not the only clone on the account, some opportunities (buying a caftan and working as an auxiliary worker, receiving tasks at the Meat Factory and building houses, building a dugout and growing flowers, receiving help at the Shelter) will not be available to him. After increasing his status, he will be able to get a job at any enterprise and run his own business according to his status and characteristics. The auxiliary worker’s caftan is burned immediately after increasing his status.

Housing #

A tramp does not have the knowledge and skills to build a wooden or stone house. At the same time, house owners do not allow tramps to stay. A tramp cannot rent a place to live.

There are no cold nights or snowy winters in our game, but this is not a reason to live on the street.

A tramp can build a Dugout for his own living. A dugout is a very modest structure; its construction does not require spending any resources or gold coins.

After increasing the social status of the clone, you can improve the dugout using a special elixir, raising its level, or you can leave it as a souvenir of the clone’s first days. There is no cost to maintain a dugout.

First own business #

A tramp has access to not only a few options for hired work, but also his first own business - growing flowers!

Flower seeds will be given to the tramp for free at the State Farm.

Flowers are grown on a plot located near the clone’s dugout.

A tramp can sell the flowers he grows for gold coins at the fair. This is another source of income for a tramp.

Flowers are in demand in the virtual world. Residents of the land of clones attach them to letters - it’s a way to express their sympathy or gratitude. In addition, flowers are periodically purchased by the state (the Commissioner) and then used by the administration in congratulating, for example, heroes of battles.

Trade #

Trade is the main engine of the economy.

Almost all transactions in our virtual world take place according to exchange rules. In the world of clones, there are stock market tycoons, and sometimes they start real economic wars on trading floors. Their game is very interesting to watch; a trader’s daily profit can be comparable to an average monthly salary in the real world!

And again, an uneducated tramp who has not received knowledge of arithmetic at the Public School has only minimal trading opportunities. A tramp can purchase gold coins from the Currency Exchange and food items from the Commodity Exchange. A tramp can also buy himself a caftan - work clothes necessary for employment at state enterprises. And as you’ve already read, tramps can sell flowers at the Fair.

All other opportunities to participate in trading operations are available only to clones with a higher social status.

Parliament #

Characters who have reached the Baron social class and above can put forward their own bills and put them up for discussion and voting in the Parliament!

Other clones can participate in the discussion and vote for or against proposed innovations.

Just imagine - if the general vote for the bill is positive, it comes into force, is implemented by the administration, and the entire virtual world begins to live according to the new provisions!

Thus, the inhabitants of this virtual world have the opportunity to become its co-authors! Perhaps you have the abilities of a supreme ruler, and it is your ideas and bills that can change the life of an entire state for the better! Or maybe you are a cunning politician and, under the guise of the common good, you are lobbying for your own interests?

Vagrants are considered not only poor, but also severely limited in their capabilities. Residents of the virtual state consider vagabonds to be incompetent in the virtual world. Vagrants are prohibited from proposing bills and voting in Parliament.

Robbers, guards and tournaments #

Vagrant clones are exclusively peaceful and do not own weapons, so activities such as working as a security guard, serving in a princely squad, or participating in combat tournaments are not available to them. A tramp also cannot become a robber and risk his freedom for the sake of “easy” money. All these opportunities will appear only after increasing your social status.

For now, the tramp can only watch as raids on houses and settlements, as well as tournaments, take place. And an attentive tramp will not just watch, but study what effect the use of different types of weapons and equipment has, as well as what prizes the winners receive.

Status upgrade #

As you already understand, the life of a tramp is not easy: there are many prohibitions, few opportunities, and little earnings.

What does it take to increase your social status and become a craftsman, whose capabilities in the game are incomparably higher than those of a simple tramp?

To improve your status, you must undergo training at the State school in basic disciplines. In total, you need to study 5 subjects, the cost of each course is 1 gold coin.

Table. The cost of training a tramp in the sciences to obtain the status of a craftsman

EducationCost, gold
Weapon Proficiency1

Follow the game news! From time to time, the administration holds promotions during which the cost of training can be reduced.

Help from a Mentor #

A mentor can help you with development. Mentors are the most experienced participants who have already achieved success in this project. They help beginning players, tell about the possibilities of this business simulator, give advice, and answer questions.

It is not necessary to choose a mentor. You can get used to the game on your own, just read, count and think carefully. But why waste extra time and learn from your mistakes when you can take advantage of the already accumulated experience of other players?

Choosing a mentor is an important action for a beginning player. Don’t delay it, because, for example, if you start studying at the Public School without a mentor, you will deprive yourself of additional experience points.

Previously, we talked in detail about choosing a mentor.

Support #

Register on the forum - there you can find interesting people, friends and business partners, take part in competitions with cash prizes and just chat with like-minded people. For many participants, this project has become a second home, and all of them will be happy to help you understand the rules - both on the forum and in the chat. To get professional help, you can always contact support.

And finally, let us remind you once again: a tramp is the very first, introductory social status of a clone. If there is only one clone in your account, and it has the status of “tramp”, then the validity period of such an account is 1 year. If the owner of such a clone has not visited it within 90 days or has not confirmed the e-mail in the account settings, then such a clone ends up in the Tramps Auction, and you will no longer be able to manage it, which is tantamount to deleting your account.

A tramp, unlike clones of other statuses, does not need stamina when working and completing tasks. But he can use his stamina to speed up his studies at Public School. To gain stamina, you need to purchase food from the Trade Guild and then serve it on the table in the Refectory.

If you have confirmed your email address and filled out your personal information, but within 1 year from the date of registration you have not upgraded the status of your first clone, the account will be completely deleted without the possibility of recovery. If during this time 6 or more gold coins are accumulated on your game account, you need to raise your clone status to craftsman. Otherwise, the possibilities of such a wealthy tramp will be limited:

  • you cannot receive help at the Shelter;
  • You cannot take up tasks for servants and construction;
  • You cannot get flower seeds from the State Farm.

Upon reaching the next status of a craftsman, the clone becomes immortal and no restrictions are placed on it.

You are at the beginning of the journey! Remember that any long journey begins with the first step. All the clones in our game, even the emperors, were once tramps too! Everything is in your hands!