Subsidy for young clones

Subsidy for young clones #

Subsidy for young clones

The state provides financial support to clones who are just starting their life journey in our virtual world. At the same time, the state stimulates raising social status - both the size and duration of the subsidy payment depend on the status. The social subsidy for young clones is paid daily and can be spent on any purpose.

Table. Amount and duration of payment of social subsidies to young clones

StatusSubsidy amount, goldDuration of payments, days

Attention! The countdown of the payments duration begins from the moment the clone is created, and not from the moment its social status is increased.

As we can see, the sooner a clone raises its status to the desired one, the more subsidies it will receive from the state.

Other subsidies for clones #

In addition to subsidies for young clones, the state also pays social subsidies to each clone:

  • subsidy for age (the older the clone, the greater the subsidy amount), paid once a week, on Fridays;
  • subsidy for status (the higher the social status of the clone, the larger the subsidy), paid once a week, on Fridays;
  • subsidies to settlement owners (the more developed the settlement, the larger the subsidy) is paid daily.