Special education

Special education #

Special education

There are several types of special education in the game that are needed to perform individual game actions (learning combat skills, construction, employment, etc.).

Unlockable Opportunities #

Geologist education #

Being a geologist will allow your clone to develop gold mines and mines with various resources.

Jewelry business #

Training in jewelry making will allow your clone to get a job at the cutting factory and the jewelry workshop, subject to requirements and availability.

Ammunition Handling Course #

After completing this course, your clone will be able to produce gunpowder, salt and live ammunition, as well as cannonballs.

Surgical education #

After receiving surgical training, a clone will be able to learn the combat skills “First Aid” or “Last Chance”.

Paramedic education #

After receiving a paramedic education, your clone will be able to get a job at the shelter.

Dragon Rider #

After receiving the education, the clone will be able to control the dragon in battle.

Megalithic Engineer #

The right location for the foundation of a great building, the precision of the construction of a multi-kilometer aqueduct… The use of megaliths in construction requires additional knowledge in the field of engineering. The knowledge gained here will allow your character to create grandiose structures. This education is also necessary to use portals between servers.

Mechanical Engineer #

This education is necessary to obtain a position of a mechanic during the construction of the architectural wonder “Giant Engine”.

Conditions for receiving special education #

Table. Requirements for obtaining special education and its cost

NameMinimum statusAvailability of characteristicsCost, gold
Geologist educationCraftsman3
Jewelry businessPeasant3
Ammunition Handling CoursePeasant3
Surgical educationPeasant20 prudence5
Paramedic educationPeasant5 prudence1
Dragon RiderBourgeois5000 experience, 3000 intention30
Megalithic EngineerBourgeois5
Mechanical EngineerBourgeois5 prudence3