Public School

Public School #

Public School

At the Public School, clones can receive a general education, which is required to increase their social status. The road to school is simple: the section “Class Certification” (“Character” → “Education” → “Class Certification”). A standard training course for one subject lasts 3 days (72 hours) and does not require stamina consumption.

You can study several subjects at the same time.

You have the opportunity to choose an accelerated learning mode. When accelerating the process of mastering the training program, the clone will need to spend stamina units. The faster a clone wants to master the program, the more stamina he will need:

Table. The influence of stamina consumption on accelerating the learning process

Stamina consumption (units)Duration of training
0 - 172 hours
236 hours
324 hours
418 hours
514 hours 24 minutes
710 hours 17 minutes 9 seconds
107 hours 12 minutes

In addition, a clone can undergo training instantly - in this case, learning each subject will require 20 units of stamina.

The clone takes the required amount of stamina from the Refectory. Don’t forget to replenish your food supplies in a timely manner.

Attention! Training in each specialty begins separately. Therefore, endurance must be added separately for each science, before starting training. Be careful, as it is impossible to cancel or speed up training that has already begun by adding stamina.

But it is possible, with one click on the “Get all education instantly” button, to immediately complete the full course of study and move to the next status. In this case, the clone will immediately spend gold coins for all academic disciplines, and 20 units of stamina for each of them.

Public school education is required to acquire the first three social statuses.

A clone can only undergo training in those items that are required to obtain the next next status.

Craftsman #

To achieve Artisan status, a wanderer must learn five basic subjects.

Table. Cost of training to obtain artisan status

EducationCost, gold
Weapon Proficiency1
Fundamentals of metallurgy1

After complete completion of training, your status will increase automatically.

Peasant #

To obtain the status of “peasant,” a craftsman must study at a public school and study four subjects.

Table. The cost of training a craftsman in the sciences to obtain peasant status

EducationCost, gold
Livestock breeding2.5

Bourgeois #

To obtain the status of “bourgeois,” a peasant must undergo training and study four subjects.

Table. The cost of teaching a peasant science to obtain bourgeois status

EducationCost, gold
Monetary system10
Office work10

At the Public School, a clone can also receive special education, which is necessary for work at definite enterprises and opens up other useful opportunities for him.

More details

Mass clone training #

Mass clone training In the “Creating Clones” section (“Character” → “Actions with Clones” → “Creating Clones”), players can automatically create several clones and immediately increase the social status of new clones to craftsman, peasant or bourgeois. In this way, you can immediately create from 2 to 100 clones of the social status you need. To do it, you need to select the main name of the clone, status, as well as their desired number. The system will begin creating clones, adding a set of letters and numbers to the main name if they are available. When creating clones, the system gives preference to a set of numbers. Let’s look at an example: the player chose the nickname: “clone” and entered the quantity: 100 clones.

Table. Example of mass clone creation

Clone numberClone nickname

A set of 100 clones with the base name “clone” will look something like this, if all these nicknames are free. If one of the nicknames is busy, the system will create fewer clones. If 10 nicknames in a row are occupied, the system will stop trying to create new clones.

After creating clones, a notification will be sent to the player’s in-game email with the number of clones created, as well as notifications about training each of the clones to a given social status (unless this option is disabled by the player in the system notification settings.)

This method of creating and training clones is fast and effective if you need to immediately create a large number of clones of the same type. For example, you are developing an account on your own, have created a new enterprise and need 10 new artisans at once. You do not need to waste time on monotonous and monotonous actions to sequentially create and train each clone in turn.

The main thing is to take care of the availability of gold coins and stamina, which is spent to instantly study sciences and increase status. The system does not reserve all funds for training at once, so if there is a shortage, as many clones will be created as the gold coins and stamina are enough for.