Gaming competitions

Gaming competitions #

Gaming competitions

The hunter’s instinct and the desire to achieve success are manifested in different areas of life using the example of the “Golden Clone”. In this virtual world, players have many opportunities to compete and achieve various goals:

  • intellectual victory. You can become the best stock trader by beating your competitors and speculators. This requires analytical skills and strategic thinking;
  • Agriculture. Breeding the best heavyweight bulls or getting high milk yields - farming requires care, maintenance and high productivity of animals;
  • racing pigs tournaments. Exotic competitions in the boar stadium, where your pig can win in exciting races;
  • regular competitions. The project regularly holds various competitions with various prizes that may be available for participation.

These competitions and contests add interest and variety to the gameplay, allowing players to demonstrate their skills and receive rewards for their achievements in different areas of the virtual world.

In this section, you will learn about various game contests and competitions that allow players to show their skills and luck, while receiving various prizes and awards.

Fighting tournaments #

Fighting tournaments

These tournaments feature battles where skill in fighting with steel and accurate shots can bring great rewards.

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Duels #


You can challenge another player and have a fair duel to determine who is the best.

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Dragon Tournaments #

Dragon Tournaments

Exotic tournaments where warriors fight on dragons. Your dragon and clone warrior can win victories and prizes.

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Rating of “Exchange Sharks” #

Rating of “Exchange Sharks”

The best traders compete here, actively making transactions on the exchange and increasing their trading turnover.

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Resource lottery #

Resource lottery

If you have a lot of primary resource, you can try your luck in the resource lottery.

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Lucky Clone Prize #

This draw takes place every 30 minutes and involves many clones.

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Pig races #

Pig races

Having sport boars, you can organize competitions at the boar stadium.

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Tournament “The Three Piglets” #

Tournament “The Three Piglets”

The state organizes competitions among sport boars in various animal experience categories.

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Tournament “Happy Farmer” #

Tournament “Happy Farmer”

This tournament is held weekly among chicken farm owners.

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Competition “Farm Frenzy” #

Competition “Farm Frenzy”

The best cattle breeders compete here.

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