Duels #


Duels between clones are officially allowed on the territory of the clones. You can challenge any clone to battle, but not from your account.

The cost of participating in a duel is at least 0.1 gold coins for each participant. 20% of the cost is state tax, the rest is taken by the winner.

A clone can conduct an unlimited number of duels per day. But before scheduling a new duel, you must receive a response to the current challenge.

While participating in a duel, a clone may not have to quit his job in security, squads, or other places.

A clone can view the history of all duels for the day by spending 3 stamina. This may serve as the basis for writing an article for a newspaper for a fee.

Participant equipment #

Dueling participants use their own weapons and equipment as desired:

The battle #

Duels are conducted according to the standard rules of combat between a bandit and a security guard. Read more about the rules of combat by following the link, in the “Combat” subsection. Military skills are not awarded in duels.

Opponents can have any characteristics, there are no restrictions.

A hungry clone won’t be able to fight. Duelists do not receive black pearls for winning.

Before a fight, a clone can consume kvass according to the usual rules.