Happy farmer

Tournament “Happy Farmer” #

Tournament “Happy Farmer”

The Happy Farmer tournament promotes the development of poultry farming in the world of clones and is held weekly. All chicken farms on both the Metropolis server and the Enclave server are participating. This tournament is designed to encourage and identify the best poultry farmers.

Competition nominations #

Maximum total number of eggs per week #

The maximum number of eggs laid on the farm during the period from 00:00:00 Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.

Maximum total number of chicks per week #

The maximum number of chicks born on the farm during the period from 00:00:00 Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.

Prize fund #

The prize fund of the “Happy Farmer” tournament is formed from income from the production of “Chicken Health” elixirs in the alchemical laboratory. For each box of elixirs produced, the player spends 1.5 gold coins. Of this amount, 5% is transferred to the tournament prize fund.

The prize fund accumulated over the week is further divided into two equal parts, each of which forms the prize fund for two categories of the tournament. Thus, there are two nominations in which poultry farmers participate and each of them has its own prize fund.

Prizes in each category of the “Happy Farmer” tournament will be distributed among the participants in accordance with the achievement of the best results in poultry farming.

Table. Distribution of the prize fund in the “Happy Farmer” competition

Prize-winning placeShare of the prize fund (%)

Rules for determining the winners in the “Happy Farmer” tournament if several clones have the same indicator values:

  • First of all, the number of birds on the chicken farm is taken into account at the time the winners are determined. That is, the clone with more birds will rank higher in the event of a tie;
  • if the number of birds on a chicken farm also turns out to be the same for several clones, then the distribution of such winners among prize places will be done in random order.

This means that tied winners will be randomly allocated to prize places within their group.

Such rules make it possible to fairly determine the winners in situations where several tournament participants have the same performance and number of birds. This eliminates bias or subjective assessments.