Lucky clone

Lucky Clone Prize #

To participate in the “Lucky Clone” prize draw, you must meet the following conditions:

  • have the social status of “craftsman” or higher;
  • have a Clone Luck stat of 10 or higher.

Table. The amount of luck a clone receives when eating gifts

Type of giftAmount of luck
Handful of nutsHandful of nuts0.1
Basket of mushroomsBasket of mushrooms1
Basket of berriesBasket of berries2
Barrel of HoneyBarrel of honey3

Gifts for participation in the competition can be received in two ways:

No special registration is required to participate. To participate, you only need to meet the specified conditions.

The drawing is carried out automatically every 30 minutes. The winner is determined randomly among all participants. He receives a prize in gold coins. The prize amount is 1/48 of the prize fund accumulated at the time of the current draw. More information about filling the fund can be found at the link.

The more of your clones participate in the drawing, the greater the chances of winning! Each clone can win a prize an unlimited number of times during a day.

Every day (at the beginning of the day) the “Clone Luck” statistic decreases by 0.5 points, but not below 0. To increase the stats, use “forest gifts” from the clone’s inventory or storage. You can consume an unlimited number of forest gifts at a time.

Attention! The “Clone Luck” stat only affects your clone’s ability to participate in the drawing for this prize. It has no effect on other aspects of the clones’ lives. The absolute value of the characteristic does not matter, and clones with indicators of both 10 units and 1000 units of luck have an equal chance of winning.

Statistics of victories and prize payouts for “Lucky Clone” are available on the “Lucky Clone” page (“Statistics” → “Lucky Clone”).