Resource lottery

Resource lottery #

Resource lottery

The resource lottery is constantly held by the state of the land of clones. Participation in the resource lottery is available to clones of the social status “artisan” and above.

Raffles are held in four categories: “Wood”, “Stone”, “Cereals”, “Iron”. The state creates four prize funds corresponding to each of the nominations.

The funds are replenished by the state transferring 5% of the income received from discounts at the commodity exchange and fair. The amount received is divided equally between all four nominations.

To participate in the lottery you must purchase at least one ticket. Each clone can purchase an unlimited number of tickets. The ticket price is 1 unit of the corresponding type of resource.

Any clone can spot a lottery ticket while walking the streets of the clones’ virtual world. To do this, he must have a status of at least “artisan” and regularly log into his account. When a ticket is found, the clone will receive a notification via in-game mail.

You have the opportunity to set up automatic participation in the lottery so as not to worry about replenishing your funds. To do this, just check the box next to the desired type of resource, indicate the number of tickets and then click the “OK” button. Ticket purchases will be automatically completed before the start of the next lottery round.

Note! To automatically purchase tickets, you must have the corresponding resource available in the clone’s inventory or storage.

Conducting a drawing #

The drawing begins automatically, immediately after the prize fund for a specific nomination accumulates 100 gold coins. At this moment, the sale of tickets for the current drawing ends, and the sale of tickets for the next one begins. The draw itself starts 1 hour after that.

During the drawing, 10 winners are selected from each of the four nominations. Each winner receives 1/10 of the prize fund for their nomination. The drawing takes place in real time and participants can follow its progress.

The draw always consists of 20 rounds. Let’s say 1000 tickets were purchased. At each drawing round, N = 1000 / 20 = 50 tickets are eliminated.

After completing each round, there is approximately 40 seconds for a short break. During the break, each player can check which tickets were eliminated and which remained in the drawing. This continues until the last 50 tickets remain. After this, the final round of the drawing will be held, where the system will select only 10 tickets to become the winners.

In the archive you can find a list of all lottery winners and the sizes of their prizes.