Three piglets

Tournament “The Three Little Pigs” #

Tournament “The Three Piglets”

Here, similar to the boar stadium, the best boar athletes compete. The main difference is that the races are created and funded by the Clone Land Sports Committee, not the players.

Submitting an application and participating in the tournament #

The Three Little Pigs tournament is held three times a week: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 GMT. The prize fund for each tournament is replenished by the Clone Land Sports Committee with 60 gold coins.

Registration begins 24 hours before the announced start time of the tournament. Participation in it is absolutely free.

Boars aged from 15 to 350 days can participate in the “Three Little Pigs” tournament with the “Sports Mode” active.

The participation of an animal in a tournament does not limit the possibility of participating in races at the boar stadium on the same day. However, simultaneous participation of an animal in free races and in a tournament is not allowed, but tournament races can be combined with paid training.

The application for participation can be canceled before the start of the tournament.

For convenience, you can set up automatic participation in the league so as not to miss the moment of registration. However, keep an eye on the boar characteristics. If he no longer meets the league requirements, the boar will not automatically participate in the tournament and you will need to select another league.

The tournament prize fund is determined by the state and is subject to change. The maximum tournament prize fund is 100 gold coins.

To start a tournament in the league, at least 16 participants must be registered. If a tournament in any league does not take place due to insufficient numbers of participants, the prize fund returns to the sports committee.

Tournament Leagues #

The Three Piglets Tournament is divided into 10 leagues.

Participants can choose only one league in which their boar matches the “Experience” characteristic. In the next tournament, participants can choose another league that has a suitable experience for their boar, or continue to participate in the same league.

If a boar from a lower league is registered in a tournament of a higher league, then he will definitely meet a boar from this higher league during the tournament.

Table. Leagues of the Three Piglets tournament

League nameMaximum boar experiencePortion of the tournament fund (%)

Tournaments for all leagues start simultaneously.

Table. Distribution of the prize fund within each league of the Three Piglets Tournament

Prize-winning placeShare from fund (%)

Tournament rules #

The tournament in each league will begin only if at least 16 participants are registered in the league by the beginning of the tournament.

If a boar is registered in the tournament, then he will automatically participate, and you will not need to be at the computer during the tournament.

Tournament results will be available immediately after its completion.

The results of the previous tournament are saved for two days.

The order of the tournament is as follows:

  • qualifying races. Boars are divided into pairs by drawing lots and included in the standings. Races are held and the losing boars are eliminated from the tournament. The races continue until there are 16 boars left, who move on to the quarterfinals;
  • quarterfinal – final. Boars are placed in the standings and races are held. As they approach the finals the losers are eliminated . Only one boar wins in the final;
  • rewarding winners (4 prizes) and ending the tournament.

Race #

Tournament races are held in accordance with standard rules.

Before the start of the race, participants are not aware of the route features.

Participation in the race increases the boar’s muscle mass by 0.016%. Remember that muscle mass should not exceed 70% of the animal’s weight.

The quality of a boar’s nutrition affects its performance during the race. The lower the satiety of the animal as a percentage, the lower its characteristics.

Bets on the race winner #

Two minutes before the start of each race, you can place a bet on one of the participants. A notification about the start of accepting bets will be displayed in the news feed.

Bets are accepted in gold coins. Once you have placed a bet, you cannot reduce or cancel it, but you can increase it.

Winning odds are dynamically updated depending on the number and amount of bets already placed. 90% of bets placed are distributed among the winners in accordance with the odds. For example, if you bet 1 gold coin at odds of 1.3 and that boar wins, you will receive 1.3 gold coins.

If all participants placed bets only on the winning boar, then all bets are returned to the players.

If all participants placed bets only on the losing boars, and there were no bets on the winning boar, then all bets go to the boar stadium sports committee fund.