Clonecoin (CLC)

CLC Token (Clonecoin) #


The CLC token (Clonecoin) is a utility GameFi SPL token in the Golden Clone ecosystem based on the Solana blockchain.

Main characteristics #

Utility #

The CLC (Clonecoin) token is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Creation and development of additional blockchain-based Web3 game scenarios.
  • Creation of a stable economic connection between game servers in the world of clones.
  • Encouraging players to become more involved in the gaming community.
  • Simplifying the creation of collaborations with other gaming projects based on blockchain technology.
  • Encouraging third-party developers to integrate into the project ecosystem.

Trading platforms #

Swap in wallets #

Fast and convenient swap is available in Solflare and Phantom wallets.

Aggregators #

The Jupiter aggregator selects the most profitable direction of exchange, provides the ability to both quickly exchange and create limit and DCA orders.

Monitoring #