Meteora CLC/SOL LP

Liquidity pool for CLC/SOL on Meteora #

This liquidity farming is outdated and is not updated by the project administration. The current CLC/SOL and CLC/USDT currency pair pool with additional crypto rewards is Meteora.

Main characteristics #

Currency pair #


Liquidity pool address #

Liquidity Pool Token #


How to withdraw tokens #

Withdrawal of tokens from the pool is available on the liquidity pool page. To withdraw tokens, you need to go to the Withdraw tab and enter the number of Meteora LP tokens you want to withdraw.

Withdrawal from the pool, step 1

In this window you can see how many CLC and SOL tokens you will receive after withdrawing Meteora LP from the pool. All you have to do is click the Withdraw button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Withdrawal from the pool, step 2

After confirmation, you will receive CLC and SOL tokens to your balance.