Liquidity pool for CLC/USDC on Orca #

This liquidity farming is outdated and is not updated by the project administration. The current CLC/SOL and CLC/USDT currency pair pool with additional crypto rewards is Meteora.

Main characteristics #

Currency pair #


Liquidity pool address #


How to withdraw tokens #

You can also withdraw your tokens from the liquidity pool on the portfolio page using the Withdraw button.

Withdrawal from the pool, step 1

Then you need to select the number of tokens (or % of the deposit) you want to withdraw. It is very important to uncheck the Burn the NFT for this position option. If you uncheck this box, your NFT, which was issued for participation in the pool, will remain on your wallet. This will allow you to add liquidity to the pool without paying a fee if you wish to do so in the future. If you still decide to burn the NFT, then about 10% of the commission you paid for the mint of this NFT will be returned to your wallet.

When you have decided to keep the NFT or burn it, click the Withdraw all button.

Withdrawal from the pool, step 2

And we confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Withdrawal from the pool, step 3