Mini-guides #

In this section, you can learn in detail about installing and linking a cryptocurrency wallet to the game, as well as the features of buying and selling NFTs.

We do not express official endorsement or other approval of any sites or software contained in this section. You need to do your own research to determine what best suits your goals.

At the moment, any of the following crypto wallets running on the Solana blockchain can be linked to the game:

At the moment , Phantom is one of the leading crypto wallets on the Solana blockchain, so we have described in detail how to install it and connect it to the “Golden Clone”. If you wish, you can choose the Solflare wallet and learn how to install it and link it to the game yourself.

Do not forget that to perform transactions on the Solana blockchain, you must have a transaction fee in your wallet (about 0.000005 Solana), as well as a minimum balance of 0.00203 Solana.

Creating a Phantom Wallet #

Phantom is rightfully the leading cryptocurrency wallet for the Solana blockchain. Here we will describe in more detail how to install it on a PC or mobile device.

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Phantom wallet linking #

Here you can find a guide on how to link your Phantom wallet to an account on any of the “Golden Clone” servers.

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Buying NFTs on the marketplace #

You can buy any gaming NFTs on the Magic Eden marketplace. In this section we will introduce you to this opportunity and show you in detail how to do it.

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Selling NFTs on the marketplace #

If you own game NFTs, you can easily sell them to other players if you wish. This section was created to show players how to properly sell their NFTs.

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