Useful safety tips #

Disclaimer. These guidelines can be used as a starting point for your own research. However, we do not claim or warrant that the recommendations presented to you are comprehensive, error-free, or best suited for you. You should do your own research (DYOR) to determine what is best for your purposes.

In this subsection, we will provide recommendations that will help you secure your cryptocurrency assets - tokens and NFTs. Cryptocurrency is based on the principle of decentralization, and each user manages his own assets. Accordingly, the responsibility for preserving these assets lies with the user himself.

Important! Any transaction from your wallet is irreversible. If the funds have been sent and the transaction is signed, then no technical support will be able to return them.

Crypto Wallet Security #

Let’s take a look at the basic security measures that will help you store and protect your cryptocurrency assets in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Secret recovery phrase #

When registering a wallet for cryptocurrency, you will be generated a special secret recovery phrase (mnemonic phrase or seed phrase), which consists of 12 or more words. This phrase serves as a way to restore access to the wallet if it is deleted from the device or when transferred to another device. Without this phrase, it is impossible to restore access to the wallet! This phrase must be stored in a secure place - for example, in a special password manager, which will be protected by a strong password or written out on paper.

If you have lost access to your phrase or it somehow fell into the hands of third parties, immediately create a new wallet, transfer all assets to it, and forget about the old wallet. The administration of the “Golden Clone” project will never, under any circumstances, request a mnemonic phrase from you, and if you receive a letter of this nature, these are scammers!

Never tell anyone your secret recovery phrase!

Private key #

Any transaction in the blockchain is signed using a special private key. This key is generated when creating a wallet and is known only to its owner. You should not share the transaction signing key with anyone. Otherwise, unwanted transactions may be made from the account.

If your private key becomes publicly available, immediately create a new wallet, transfer all assets to it, and forget about the old wallet. The administration of the “Golden Clone” project will never, under any circumstances, ask you for a private key, and if you receive a letter of this nature, they are scammers!

Never tell anyone your private key!

Official sources #

Hardware wallets should only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. Download all applications only from trusted official sources such as Google Play or Apple Store.

Strong password #

Use a strong password for both hardware and software wallets, . It is advisable that it has nothing to do with your name and date of birth. It is also recommended to periodically change this password to a new one.

Beware of scammers #

Often they may try to present themselves as technical support or administration of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets or our game. They may send letters by mail or on social networks in order to obtain your confidential data. They can also send out notifications that you have won some money in an airdrop or some other promotion. Such emails contain phishing links, by clicking on which the user may lose their assets or confidential data.

Also, scammers may send you some strange tokens or NFTs. If these are tokens, go to your security settings and check the Hide suspicious items box. If it’s an NFT, you can burn it. But under no circumstances give them to anyone or try to sell them! Also, if the NFT description contains links that promise you a reward when you click on them, do not click on these links under any circumstances! If these tokens or NFTs are just sitting in your wallet, they can’t cause any harm, don’t worry!

Secure cryptocurrency storage #

It is recommended to download browser extensions only from official browser stores.

Downloading to a mobile phone should also only be from trusted marketplaces - Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS). Downloading installation files from other sources may result in the loss of your assets in the future.

It is worth remembering that the most reliable means for storing your cryptocurrency assets are cold (hardware) wallets. This is a physical drive on which you can save your private keys from various wallets. No one will be able to take possession of your assets without having access to this media.

The second most secure storage of assets is wallets installed on the phone. The likelihood of such wallets being hacked is close to zero!

The most insecure method for storing assets is a browser wallet. Try not to store large amounts of money in browser wallet extensions!