Porcus Guard NFT

NFT “Guard Hogs” #

The Porcus Guard NFT collection is dedicated to boars and has a direct impact on the lives of pigs in the world of clones.

Animated cover

Brief characteristics #

Verified collection address: EbrFBX6vxihuj5GGgUReeTDEDnkmJPgUjdwcCooLZ8sQ

Basic information about the Porcus Guard NFT collection:

  1. The second NFT collection in the history of the game.
  2. Made in pixel art style.
  3. Solana Blockchain.
  4. The number of NFTs in the collection is unlimited.
  5. Graphic images are stored in decentralized IPFS storage.

Marketplaces #

This collection is presented on the following trading platforms (marketplaces):