Collectible value

Collectible value #

The Porcus Guard NFT collection is made in the style of pixel art. The main character of this collection - the guard boar - is endowed with a variety of artistic features. You can learn more about the concept of artistic traits and how to evaluate them in the help section dedicated to the collectible value of our previous NFT collection Taurus Guard.

Please note that in the Porcus Guard NFT collection, the various artistic features are purely collectible. They are not used in determining the utilitarian value of a particular NFT.

The rarity of NFTs in a collection may change as we add new NFTs to the collection. Please also note that ratings are based on data provided by independent third parties. They may change their ranking algorithms at any time at their discretion without any notice. We cannot influence their decisions. Therefore, rating information is provided as is and is subject to change at any time.