Utility #

Depending on the number of Porcus Guard NFTs, players can receive various in-game bonuses. All bonuses in this collection are aimed at obtaining advantages when raising pigs. By analogy with the Taurus Guard collection, owners of Porcus Guard also receive a bonus from sales of this collection on marketplaces.

The impact of NFTs on pigs #

All game NFTs of the Porcus Guard series, which are on a wallet linked to the Metropolis or Enclave game server, have an impact on the pig farming block for more than a week. Bonuses work even if a pigsty is not built on your account.

Bonuses from owning NFT Porcus Guard:

  • Reduced tax on pig cutting. The discount is 0.1% for 1 NFT. The maximum discount for cutting a pig cannot exceed 10%.
  • Increase in the weight of newborn piglets by 1% for each NFT. The maximum weight bonus cannot exceed 100%.
  • Increase the number of coaching hours by 1 hour for every 5 NFTs. No more than 24 additional hours per day.
  • 50 NFTs give an extra run to all account boars. No more than one additional race per day.
  • 100 NFTs make it possible to cut a pig for bacon even on the very last day of life.
The beneficial effect on pigs begins to take effect if the NFT is continuously on the wallet linked to the game for at least a week. Besides, the wallet must be linked to the game server for at least a week. Please note that every time an NFT is moved to another wallet or smart contract address, or an NFT is put up for sale, the “hold” time for that NFT is reset to zero.

Pig Farmer’s Chest #

All your Porcus Guard NFTs that are on the wallet linked to the game are in a special pig farmer’s chest. The chest is given free of charge to all owners of the Porcus Guard NFT. This chest consumes krypton daily to ensure the functioning of the NFT and receive in-game bonuses.

If the chest has consumed the full amount of krypton, then the effectiveness of the NFT will be 100% for the current day. In the case of partial consumption of the krypton norm, the effectiveness of the NFT will be proportional to the consumed part of the krypton norm. Thus, if there is no krypton in the chest, then the effectiveness of the NFT will be 0% for the current day. However, if you add the required amount of krypton to the chest, then the next day the effectiveness of the NFT will be restored according to the general rule. In other words, the “hunger” of the chest is not cumulative and affects only the current day.

Krypton consumption depends on the number of active NFTs and pigs on the account. The rate of krypton consumption is adjusted depending on the economic situation in the game and is displayed in the pig farmer’s chest. There are plans to transfer this functionality to the GoldenClone DAO in the future.

Bonus for selling NFTs on the secondary market #

Principle of fund formation #

The cryptocurrency bonus fund for NFT owners “Porcus Guard” consists of the following deductions:

  • On an ongoing basis, 25% of the copyright interest received by the game administration from sales of NFTs of this collection on the market (in other words, royalties).
  • An additional 25% of the royalty received by the game administration from sales of NFTs of this collection on the market (in other words, royalties) until the creation of GoldenClone DAO.

Thus, until the creation of the GoldenClone DAO, 50% of the royalties will be distributed among all owners of the Watchdog NFT. After the implementation of DAO, NFT owners of this collection will retain a share of 25% of the royalty.

Staking Points calculation method #

Twice a month, the fund is distributed to all NFTs that are continuously and immobile in non-custodial wallets, that is, not for sale on marketplaces or other smart contracts. The size of the payment depends on the Staking Points parameter, which can be viewed for each of your NFTs on the website of a special decentralized application.

Immediately after purchase, the Staking Points of your NFT will be 0. Each day the NFT is in the wallet will earn Staking Points. The increase is divided into 2 periods:

First 10 days #

During the first 10 days, 100 Staking Points are added every day. Thus, in the first 10 days, 1000 Staking Points are reached.

Subsequent days #

Subsequent days, 1 staking point is added per day. Thus, in 510 days (including the first 10) the maximum size of 1500 Staking Points will be reached.

Fund distribution #

The entire accumulated fund is distributed equally among all Staking Points. This bonus (minus the blockchain transaction fee) is paid in SOL cryptocurrency weekly to the wallets of NFT owners. If the size of the cryptocurrency fund is less than 0.05 SOL, the fund continues to accumulate until the next payout cycle.

Please note that any time you move the NFT to another wallet or smart contract address, or put the NFT up for sale, the accumulated Staking Points bonus will expire.

It is recommended to maintain a minimum balance of at least the so-called mandatory annuity (0.00203928 SOL) on the wallet in which your NFTs are located. This recommendation is due to the fact that if, as a result of the bonus payment, the final balance in your account is less than the required annuity, the payment will not be credited.

The size of the current cryptocurrency bonus fund can be found at this link: