NFT "Guardian Bulls"

NFT “Guardian Bulls” #

NFT is a new type of digital art that is rapidly attracting artists, designers and large investors. Some NFTs have been known to sell for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Our first NFT collection, Taurus Guard, is themed around bulls and has a direct impact on the lives of cattle in the world of clones.

Animated cover

Brief characteristics #

Brief information about the first collection:

  1. The first NFT collection in the history of the game.
  2. Solana Blockchain.
  3. The number of NFTs in the collection is 10,000 pieces.
  4. The collection features more than 200 different variations (traits).
  5. The only premium collection to be released for the Cattle game module.
  6. NFTs from this collection do not require periodic repairs. This is another unique feature of this collection, since subsequent sets of NFTs may be released with the functionality of repairing or consuming some resources to cover all the bonuses.
  7. Graphic images are stored in decentralized IPFS storage.

Distribution #

Ecosystem Fund5005
Open sale800080
  • 1000 units were sold in pre-sale. NFT at 0.5 SOL for each unit;
  • price on open sale from 1 SOL.

Marketplaces #

This collection is presented on the following trading platforms (marketplaces):