Authentication #

Always check NFT authenticity before purchasing!

It is especially worth checking NFTs that are clearly underpriced. If you see that all NFTs are selling for 2 SOL, and one is selling for 0.1 SOL, then do not rush to buy in the hope of getting the coveted profit, because you can buy a fake that is worth nothing.

There are several ways to verify the authenticity of an NFT. You can use any of them, but ideally it is better to check several at the same time:

NFT Registry #

Register of all NFTs in the collection:

All Taurus Guard NFTs have unique addresses, which are located in a special registry based on decentralized IPFS storage. On various marketplaces, this address can be signed as a Mint or a mint address.


Copy this address and then go to the registry.

Press Ctrl+F and paste this address. If it is in the registry, the NFT is genuine, and if not, it is a fake.

Verified collection #

All NFTs of this series are united at the blockchain level into a collection with a unique address, for which the generally accepted term Verified Collection Address is used.

Verified Collection Address: 6rFsCBs19xSaBRGCwTFy877gXHwkHozNa1sQ4f9jYwNy

To check whether an NFT sold on the marketplace belongs to a given address or not, you need to open detailed information about the NFT being sold.

Detailed information about NFTs

Hover your cursor over the address shown in the screenshot and click on it, the address will be copied. Then return to this help page and press CTRL+F to bring up the search box and paste the copied address into it.

If the address matches exactly, it will be highlighted in the help with a special color, and the search window will show you 1/1 matches. This will indicate that the NFT is genuine.

The address matches

If there is a difference in the address by even one character, then the search window will show 0/0 matches, and nothing will be highlighted in the help. In this case, the NFT being sold is a fake.

The address is not highlighted