The Taurus Guard Roadmap #

Note that there are many things that can affect this plan, its priorities and order of tasks, as well as the tasks themselves. These factors, of course, include the opinions and recommendations of our community, technological and time constraints, and much more. It is very important to understand that any forecasts we make are based on our understanding of the situation at a given time, so they can be adjusted in the future. More details

Scheduled tasks #

  • March 2024: Sale of the cattle breeder’s chest. Consuming krypton to activate additional in-game bonuses for collectible traits.
  • TBA: Creating collaborations with other blockchain games and projects using this collection.

Completed tasks #

  • Implementation of additional in-game bonuses for collectible traits.
  • Implementation of Rarity Booster based on HowRare and MoonRank ratings.
  • Realizing the impact of NFTs on cattle.
  • Implementation of the functionality of the in-game cryptobox auction.
  • Implementation of the game fund of NFT owners.
  • Implementation of a bonus from NFT sales on the secondary market.
  • Preparation of mini-guides for users.
  • Linking a crypto-wallet to an account in the game.
  • Working out the mechanics of receiving bonuses.
  • Creation of the artistic part of the collection.
  • Collection concept development.