Infrastructure #

List of infrastructure facilities

In the world of clones, many different infrastructure facilities are available, ranging from small houses to huge architectural wonders. You can become the owner of a variety of real estate, including houses, estates, settlements, and also manage principalities with many settlements

Principalities #


Principalities play an important role in the world of clones. They are a prerequisite for achieving emperor status and provide unique opportunities for infrastructure development and profit making. Developing your own principality can be a fun and rewarding endeavor.

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Settlements #


In the world of clones, you have the opportunity to become a mayor and create your own settlement. This settlement can be upgraded into a huge megacity, opening up many unique opportunities and advantages for the development of your in-game character.

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Industrial factories #

Industrial factories

In your settlements and principalities, you have the opportunity to build industrial factories that are used to process raw materials and produce a variety of goods. These factories will help you increase your production capabilities and diversify your gaming experience.

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Majestic buildings #

Majestic buildings

Majestic structures in the clone world include the princely palace, architectural wonders, great buildings and megalithic structures. These impressive historical objects are an important part of the game world and symbolize the greatness and prosperity of your principality or settlement.

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Real estate #

Real estate

In the world of clones, you have the opportunity to build a variety of properties, ranging from small houses to huge castles. Develop your housing to improve conditions for your clones in the game.

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Tertiary resource plant #

The Tertiary Resource Plant allows you to create tertiary resources from secondary ones. This function is available to owners of principalities and settlements, starting from the village level and above. You can place orders on this plant to convert your secondary resource into tertiary.

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Hiring builders #

There are two main ways to build various game constructions in the land of clones: use your own clones or hire clones of other users. Hired clones can perform work on your construction site, and you will pay them a certain amount for the work performed.

The choice between these two options depends on your needs and resources.

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