Industrial factories

Industrial factories #

Industrial factories

The clone lands contain many industrial factories and factories that are available for construction in principalities and settlements. They provide the opportunity to produce and process a variety of resources and goods.

Cement factory #

Cement factory

Cement is produced at a cement plant.

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Chemical laboratories #

Chemical laboratories

Chemical laboratories can produce the chemical elements chromium and nickel.

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Glass workshop #

Glass workshop

In the glass workshop you can melt glass bottles from sand.

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Kvass brewery #

Kvass brewery

Here you can produce a wonderful drink - kvass.

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Rigging workshop #

Rigging workshop

This workshop produces special equipment for improving warships - rigging equipment.

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Sewing atelier #

Sewing atelier

In the atelier you can sew various protective and casual clothing for your clones.

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Tannery #


At the tannery, calf hides can be processed to produce a valuable resource - calfskin. This resource is necessary for protective clothing production .

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Vegetable oil workshop #

Vegetable oil workshop

In the vegetable oil workshop you can process flax into flaxseed oil.

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Water well #

Water well

Wells are available for construction only on the Enclave server. With them you can extract water.

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